Brock lesnar and paul heyman relationship quiz

15 Things You Didn't Know About Brock Lesnar And Paul Heyman's Relationship

brock lesnar and paul heyman relationship quiz

Oct 2, On His Relationship With Brock Lesnar: “Brock Lesnar and I, for how different we are, we have the same core values both personally and. Aug 6, Were the events of last week enough to sever the business relationship between Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman? It seems like it might have. Jan 29, Paul Heyman Brock Lesnar, CM Punk, Steve Austin and Rick Rude are just a few legendary Lesnar may not be such a big star today if not for him. . dots and tried to place him in a comedic gimmick with this relationship.

brock lesnar and paul heyman relationship quiz

And he did manage to do so in a very short period to become the most dominant force in the WWE. CM Punk via wwe.

But it seems like when you put two men who have had problems with the WWE in one room, then a friendship is born. CM Punk and Lesnar may not be hanging out often - if ever - but there is tremendous respect between the two competitors as evident by their personal interviews. And when Punk was preparing for his UFC debut, he received full support from Lesnar who was willing to help him out in training and by giving him additional tips as well.

Seeing how that fight turned out, then it's safe to say that Lesnar could have helped Punk in his campaign. And while he may be claiming that on the mic, Punk did become friends with both Lesnar and The Rock - who were the main culprits at the time. It seems that Punk's issue was more with WWE's use of part-timers, rather than the part-timers themselves. This friendship goes to show how unpredictable it can be to guess which WWE Superstars are friends when the cameras aren't rolling.

Braun Strowman via stillrealtous.

Paul Heyman Talks About His “Clients,” His Relationship With Brock Lesnar & More

The outcome was a controversial match that turned into somewhat of a shoot, as Lesnar and Strowman traded some major blows during the match - including a punch from Lesnar that would have probably knocked out any other Superstar. Lesnar was visibly frustrated during the Rumble triple threat match, believing that Strowman had gotten stiff with him. As a result, Lesnar behaved as we have previously seen, but luckily for him and the company, Strowman was strong enough to handle it.

And while Strowman only commented on the incident by attempting to blow it off - claiming that matters are bound to get heated when you have two of the strongest men in the ring - rumors suggest that there was definitely heat between them.

But considering Strowman's push, he probably realized that it is best to remain quiet and let the incident pass by. The company was probably not going to side with him against their biggest draw, even if Strowman was right in their conflict.

brock lesnar and paul heyman relationship quiz

Billy Gunn via twitter. It goes back to Lesnar's younger years when he was still trying to establish himself in the WWE, and he happened to work with Gunn every now and then. They would end up on SmackDown together for some time to become travel buddies for a brief period. And while their relationship may be strictly professional, that is more than we could say about Lesnar's attitude towards most wrestlers.

The photo above was recently snapped backstage at a WWE show, reuniting them together for one snap. Unlike Lesnar, Gunn has made plenty of friends in the industry, and seems to be easy going overall, so it's no surprise that him and Lesnar are on good terms. Plus, if Gunn was going to make any enemies, do you think he'd want Lesnar to be one of them? Considering their status in the WWE, they do form an odd friendship - Lesnar is one of the biggest stars in wrestling history while Gunn is a mid-carder at best.

But wrestling accomplishments don't always determine which Superstars are close behind the scenes, although it may play a part from time to time. Triple H via wwe. There were reports that he even rejected doing so, as he didn't want to put Lesnar over like all the others had. Meanwhile, Triple H was reigning over Raw by going over everyone while having some lengthy title runs. And yet their paths never crossed early on due to Triple H's personal wishes, which he expressed once again when Vince McMahon proposed a WrestleMania 21 match against Lesnar.

brock lesnar and paul heyman relationship quiz

But a lot has changed since Lesnar's first run with the WWE, including Triple H's role in the WWE - as he is now willing to put his personal beefs aside to do what is best for business.

And while they finally did work together, it didn't seem like they bonded at all and kept it professional for the most part.

Your role with each has been so different. How much do you think about which Paul Heyman you need to be for each distinct character? Almost like, if you were a real agent, your relationship with each client would be different. Any agent in real life does have different relationships with each and every one of his clients.

So, if this were a docu-drama, my relationship with Brock Lesnar would be far different than my relationship with CM Punk. My off-camera friendship with Brock Lesnar has always been different than my off-camera friendship with CM Punk. But I could not tell you that I am closer to either one of them or either one of them is closer to me. Like any compelling show on television, what works best in WWE is relationships.

Because off-camera relationships would be different, so should on camera ones. How did you come to be friends? You guys are as opposite as they come on the surface. What makes you friends? What brought you together as people? Brock Lesnar and I are as different as any two people can be. What drew us together was the love of the actual performance aspect of what we do.

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He hates everything else that goes along with it. But the actual act of performing or fighting is something the man truly loves. And I share that passion with him. And, despite the trappings of fame and fortune, we both have, at our core, a very similar value. Our children and our families are everything to us.