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An American singer, songwriter and record producer, Charles Otto "Charlie" Puth, of Adele's Someone Like You by him and his friend Emily Luther went viral. Emily Luther · @eluthermusic. hello. i sing songs. IG:emilyluthermusic . Replying to @eluthermusic @charlieputh @TheEllenShow. He's so. If you are just now hopping on the Puth train (or obviously need to get on it) song performed by Charlie and his friend, Emily Luther, and invited He's currently single, (but he and Selena Gomez would certainly make an adorable couple). . "Now, my final bit of advice, and don't get sensitive on this, but.

Photo by Catie Laffoon Charlie Puth had a really good The hip-hop ballad charted at number 1 on the Billboard Hot from April through July. He starred in a Fiat Chrysler commercial and bought a new home in the Hollywood Hills. Puth quickly tamped down the rumors: With his ripped skinny jeans, James Dean haircut, effortless confidence at the piano and rare vocal range, Puth has captured the attention of teenyboppers—as well as musicians looking for the next hot producer.

Charles Otto Puth is named after his father, a commercial and residential real estate broker.

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He grew up with his younger brother and sister, twins Stephen and Mikaela, in the family home overlooking the Shrewsbury River. His mother Debra, a music teacher, made sure to teach all three children to play the piano. He was fascinated by sounds and loved getting toy instruments as gifts. Over the years, Puth has accumulated numerous pianos. Walking on the beach, little Charlie seemed to hear a symphony. Mommy, the wind with the water creates a chord.

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He has perfect pitch: He made it his own. I come from a very humble background, with all these songs in my laptop that i now get to perform to lots of people around the world. Tell us about musicians you'd love to collaborate with.

I actually had a chance to open for Billly Joel, and that was cool I really model my music after him. I'd love to work with James Taylor, a guitar player. And I know you're thinking, "Gee, Charlie, you're a piano player, why would you want to work with a guitar player?

You're only 24, writing songs about love. What experiences do you draw from, not necessarily having been through what you write about? I will think of hypotheticals in my head; when I'm writing a record, I sometimes picture the music video even before the song is written. I was listening to them and I paused the music and started composing a song in my head and picturing what the music video would look like. And the song would be based on that visual.

I want to be in love with a girl and I don't know why I fancy girls, I've dated girls, I love girls. But I've never had a feeling of "I can't live without this person".

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So, the wanting of that inspires the records. I'll make things up sometimes, predict the future. You studied jazz and classical piano in Berkeley, so why are you now doing pop music?