China and pakistan strains in the relationship

china and pakistan strains in the relationship

The recent downgrade in U.S.-Pakistan relations will present both opportunities and challenges for China. Beijing can use the recent strain to. sanctions on Pakistan in , China became Pakistan's largest apparent bonhomie the relationship started showing signs of strain as the. for the further consolidation of the Sino-Pakistan relationship. Then, as general, the transactional character and periodic strains in Pakistan-US relations have.

On 20 AprilChinese President Xi Jinping visited Pakistan as his first foreign visit of the year, also the first by a Chinese president in 9 years.

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Before his arrival, he published an article praising the friendship on Pakistani newspapers like Daily Jang. The Chinese president compared visiting Pakistan with visiting his brother's home.

US-Pakistan tensions offer China an opening, but could also present geopolitical liabilities

Xi was given a grand welcome upon his arrival at Noor Khan airbase, a gun salute and guard of honour was presented to him. To name just a few, I learned that the Pakistani people were working hard to build their beautiful country, and that Pakistan opened an air corridor for China to reach out to the world and supported China in restoring its lawful seat in the United Nations. The stories have left me with a deep impression.

I look forward to my upcoming state visit to Pakistan. The Pressler Amendment in suspended all American military assistance and any new economic aid amidst concerns that Pakistan was attempting to develop a nuclear weapon.

china and pakistan strains in the relationship

This belief was further strengthened as India had developed a nuclear weapon without significant American opposition, and Pakistan felt obligated to do the same. Consequently, the primarily geopolitical alliance between Pakistan and China has since branched out into military and economic cooperation, due to Pakistan's belief that America's influence and support in the region should be counterbalanced by the Chinese.

There are strong military ties between China and Pakistan.

china and pakistan strains in the relationship

The strong military ties primarily aim to counter regional Indian and American influence, and was also to repel Soviet influence in the area. In recent years this relationship has strengthened through ongoing military projects and agreements between Pakistan and China. SinceChina has been a steady source of military equipment to the Pakistani Armyhelping establish ammunition factories, providing technological assistance and modernising existing facilities.

The Chinese has designed tailor made advanced weapons for Pakistan, making it a strong military power in the Asian region.

china and pakistan strains in the relationship

The armies have a schedule for organising joint military exercises. China has recently pledged to invest nearly 43 billion US dollars.

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Li KeqiangPremier of the People's Republic of China [38] In the past, China has played a major role in the development of Pakistan's nuclear infrastructure, especially when increasingly stringent export controls in Western countries made it difficult for Pakistan to acquire plutonium and uranium enriching equipment from elsewhere such as the Chinese help in building the Khushab reactor, which plays a key role in Pakistan's production of plutonium.

A subsidiary of the China National Nuclear Corporation contributed in Pakistan's efforts to expand its uranium enrichment capabilities by providing 5, custom made ring magnets, which are a key component of the bearings that facilitate the high-speed rotation of centrifuges.

china and pakistan strains in the relationship

China has also provided technical and material support in the completion of the Chashma Nuclear Power Complex and plutonium reprocessing facility, which was built in the mids. Military and technological transactions continue to dominate the economic relationship between the two nations, and China has pledged to increase their investment in Pakistan's economy and infrastructure.

China—Pakistan Economic Corridor[ edit ] Main article: The journey takes two to three months, during which time the ships are vulnerable to pirates, bad weather, political rivals and other risks. Using Gwadar Port instead would reduce the distance and possibly the cost.

The plan seeks to build on a market presence already established by Chinese enterprises, Haier in household appliances, ChinaMobile and Huawei in telecommunications and China Metallurgical Group Corporation MCC in mining and minerals.

In other cases, such as textiles and garments, cement and building materials, fertiliser and agricultural technologies among others it calls for building the infrastructure and a supporting policy environment to facilitate fresh entry. According to the plan, a key element in this is the creation of industrial parks, or special economic zones, would be done with the provision of water, perfect infrastructure, sufficient supply of energy and the capacity of self-service power.

The plan acquires its greatest specificity, and lays out the largest number of projects and plans for their facilitation, in agriculture. For agriculture, the plan outlines an engagement that runs from one end of the supply chain all the way to the other. From provision of seeds and other inputs, like fertiliser, credit and pesticides, Chinese enterprises will also operate their own farms, processing facilities for fruits and vegetables and grain.

The progress of the corridor has already begun yielding substantial dividends in long-term planning, power generation, transport enhancement, port and industrial park development, and people-to-people exchanges.

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On January 29, the two sides took the first major step towards completing the corridor by inaugurating the Gwadar economic free zonemeaning that the infrastructure in that port area can now support some of the demands of regional trade.

Indeed, Afghanistan may in the future become involved in the corridor as well.

china and pakistan strains in the relationship

In December, Beijing hosted the first trilateral summit between China, Pakistan and Afghanistan to promote talks between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Beijing has benefited from the US having to bear the brunt of the financial and other burdens of dealing with terrorist threats emanating from the region Suspension of US military aid also gives China the opportunity to focus on assisting the Pakistani military in counterterrorism operationsif it chooses.

On the other hand, Beijing certainly does not want to be left holding the bag on Pakistan, an infamously unstable country that has endured three coups and numerous periods of unrest throughout its tumultuous history. In recent years, Beijing has benefited from the US having to bear the brunt of the financial and other burdens of dealing with terrorist threats emanating from the region.

If instability in Pakistan worsens, Beijing probably would not want to have to be the only external power working to stabilise the situation. Moreover, the Trump administration appears to have prioritised bolstering relations with India over Pakistan. By maintaining close ties to Pakistan, Beijing will continue to position itself at odds with growing US-India relations.