Gamora and nebula relationship help

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gamora and nebula relationship help

We need to talk about what happens to Gamora. Remember, everything we know about Gamora and Nebula's relationship with Thanos has ship, the Guardians split into two groups: Groot and Rocket go to help the God of. 1- The Black Order are also known as the Children of Thanos. They were all adopted by Thanos, just like Gamora and Nebula. You could say. After forgiving and helping her own sister alongside the Guardians during the Thanos lent Nebula and Gamora to the Kree warmonger Ronan the Accuser, .. Years later, Nebula's relationship with Gamora and the Guardians appears to.

Zoe Saldana explains Gamora and Nebula's relationship in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

It was something of a surprise that when she returned during the Annihilation crossover eventit was as one of Gamora's Graces, a group of fighters led by The Most Dangerous Woman in the Galaxy herself. The fight against Ronan doesn't go too well for Nebula-- he defeats and wounds her-- but Gamora fares a bit better. The Graces may not have lasted long they appear to have since disbandedbut it's possible that Gamora's team-up with Nebula there helped inform their storylines in the MCU.

She tried to start with the Skrull empire, attacking one of Thanos' outposts that the Skrulls had taken over. Then an Avenger arrived on the scene-- but it wasn't one of the Avengers we know and love today.

That was when Nebula claimed to be Thanos' granddaughter and therefore Starfox's relative. This caused Starfox to hesitate, and partially because of that hesitation, Nebula continued her destructive attacks on several planets. Nebula reiterated her claims of familial connection to Thanos when the Mad Titan himself reappeared.

Thanos was less than impressed by Nebula's assertion, and the encounter resulted in Nebula's aforementioned zombie-fication. In the comics Nebula wasn't an abused, adopted child of Thanos, but a conqueror in her own right who claimed a connection by blood. The most prominent of these is his nihilism, which constantly clashes with his sensitive emotions. While in the film his love for his daughter manifests only at his most vulnerable moments, he expressed it much more openly in the comics-- by giving Gamora Christmas presents.

Thanos apparently wanted Gamora to have as "normal" a childhood as possible, so he observed Earth holidays with her, for some reason.

gamora and nebula relationship help

Look, don't try to find a way that this makes sense, because it doesn't. Marvel needed a story for its Holiday Special, and decided Thanos and Gamora would be perfect for it. The story revolves around Thanos giving Gamora a normal childhood because that will somehow make her a better fighter, so he gives her a doll to play with on Christmas. Gamora is grateful, Thanos is as tender as Thanos can be, and he remembers the day fondly. Thanos' version of balance is to halve the population of each planet, and it is for this purpose he wants the Infinity Gauntlet - so he can do it quickly and effortlessly.

Gamora and Nebula belonged to two races that fell to Thanos the Zehoberei and the Luphomoids, respectively. They were both taken as children after Thanos decimated their home planets.

gamora and nebula relationship help

In the desperate struggle for the Gauntlet, perhaps the greatest of all of Thanos' foes was Adam Warlock, a scientifically engineered human with a vast array of superpowers, chief among them the ability to perform magic at a quantum level, strengthened by a connection to the Soul Gem.

It was Adam Warlock who ended up with the Infinity Gauntlet at the end of the crossover event and reset the timeline, restoring life to those Thanos had destroyed.

Infinity War: 16 Secrets About Gamora And Nebula's Relationship With Thanos

It was also Adam Warlock whom Gamora fell in love with. Warlock trusted Gamora so much that he gave her the Time Stone for safekeeping, so that the Infinity Stones could never again be wielded all together in the Gauntlet.

gamora and nebula relationship help

Gamora found herself falling in love with Adam Warlock, growing jealous of his affection for his other partners. She had trouble realizing her true feelings, however, and this instability led to her giving him back the Time Stone. Both characters have since had other lovers, but none of them were as much of a slap in the face to Thanos as this pairing. Ronan agreed and Gamora went on the mission.

gamora and nebula relationship help

Nebula confronts and threatens Gamora. When they left the meeting, Nebula confronted Gamora and they had a brief argument where they tried to break each other's fingers.

Nebula accused her sister of now attempting to become Ronan's favorite and they argued over who was the superior killer. When Nebula mentioned that the screams of her victims could be heard across the galaxy, Gamora replied that it was because she took too long to kill them before walking away from Nebula.

Nebula at a meeting with Thanos.

History of Gamora! [Guardians of the Galaxy]

When Ronan and Nebula received word that Gamora had betrayed them only to be sent to the Kyln with the Orb, The Other demanded they travel to the Sanctuary to discuss this with Thanos.

There, Nebula repaired her cybernetic arm while Ronan argued with The Other, only for Ronan to snap his neck. Thanos responded by threatening Ronan if he failed again.

As they left, Nebula assured Ronan that he would not win a fight with her father. Nebula brutally tortures a Kyln guard. When they arrived at the Kylnthey discovered Gamora had already escaped with the Orbwith the help of Star-Lord and others. Ronan's soldiers took over the prison and Nebula tortured a Nova Guard to gather more information.

She received a message on her cybernetics that the Nova Corps were on their way to defend the prison. As they were leaving Ronan ordered Nebula to send their Necrocraft across the galaxy to begin the search for Gamora and to cleanse the prison, murdering all of the guards and the prisoners. You will already be dead. Upon arriving onboard Necrocraft and their army of Sakaaransthey were spotted by Gamora and her new teamwho escaped into a Mining Pod while Nebula gave chase with her small army.

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Nebula destroys Gamora 's Mining Pod. While Ronan began fighting with Drax, whose wife and daughter had been killed by the KreeNebula lead a squad of soldiers in fighters to chase Gamora across Knowhere, while fighting off Star-Lord and Rocket Raccoon who defended their ally. Eventually, Gamora was forced to head into deep space which shut down her pod.

gamora and nebula relationship help