General taheri and soraya relationship goals

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general taheri and soraya relationship goals

Soraya in The Kite Runner book, analysis of Soraya. Pader [General Taheri] eventually found us. He showed up at the door and made me come home. In The Kite Runner, Soraya is General Taheri's daughter. Soraya wants to teach and pursues this goal even in her traditional role as 1 educator answer; In "The Kite Runner," how is Soraya and Amir's relationship part Afghan and part . Both Baba and General Taheri are popular with the Afghan community due to their social status, wealth and reputation. Both Baba and the.

Amir senses his father's disappointment.

general taheri and soraya relationship goals

The Kite Tournament Amir doesn't stop trying to gain his father's approval. He finally gains it when he wins the kite tournament.

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It's a big event in which hundreds of people participate. When Amir brings down the last kite, Hassan chases it down as it falls. Amir has the prized possession, which brings with it Baba's approval and commendations. This is the moment Amir has been waiting for.

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He has made his father proud. They spend time together, he sits with his father in the evenings, and they take a vacation together. Yet it is still not what Amir had hoped for, because Amir cannot get over the guilt he feels for not stopping Hassan's rape by Assef. The vacation to Jalalabad includes a number of their relatives. The time Amir thought he would be alone with his father disappears, and their relationship begins to revert to its previous state.

In fact, it takes a turn for the worse. Amir asks if Ali and Hassan need to be there anymore, because of his guilt over his failure to help his friend. This thought frightens him. Amir begins to realize the crucial turning point he is experiencing in his life. General Taheri gets bad, week-long migraines once a month.

general taheri and soraya relationship goals

He does not work, as laboring is beneath someone of his position, and he accepts welfare. Every day he dresses up in his suit and waits for Afghanistan to be freed, and for his services to be called upon again. Amir begins transitioning from one family to another now, and the Taheris take more prominence in the story.

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Active Themes Jamila was once a great singer, but the General has not allowed her to sing in public since they were married. Jamila comes to adore Amir, as he listens to her complain about her health, and he has cured her of her greatest fear — that her daughter would never marry. But even Jamila thinks in the same way as her husband — her greatest fear for Soraya was that she would not marry, implying that she could only be happy with a man.

She tells Amir more about what happened to her in Virginia — when General Taheri came to fetch her, he had a gun with him, and when she got home he made her cut off all of her hair. Hosseini gets more specific in his critique of the gender double standard here.

general taheri and soraya relationship goals

Soraya, unlike her mother, is unwilling to accept the traditional, unfair treatment of women, though there is little she can do about it. Amir thinks that maybe this is because Baba was such a liberal father, or because Amir was only around men his whole life, or because he knows all too well about having a guilty past. General Taheri gives Amir a typewriter as a housewarming gift.

Amir is accepted to San Jose State college and becomes an English major, and he takes on a security job on the side, using the long, quiet hours to start his first novel.

general taheri and soraya relationship goals

Amir makes more outward moves towards maturity and manhood. He transitions from living with Baba to living alone with Soraya, and begins his career as a writer while pursuing his studies. Active Themes Soraya enrolls at the same school and starts studying to be a teacher.

general taheri and soraya relationship goals

General Taheri thinks she is wasting her talents, which makes Soraya angry — she thinks her father is a coward for running from the Russians and then collecting welfare instead of working. Get Access Kite runner: She lived in Afghanistan, where she married then powerful General Taheri and her family had to emigrate to the USA just before the change of regimes when the Soviet army invaded Afganistan. She is a mature person, her personality was defined by Afghan traditions, values, culture. In the USA she is exposed to different culture and society traditions.

Although the space given to Jamila in the book is modest, but her role as a character is very important because she was basically the one that allowed Amir and her daughter Soraya to converse and later conveyed her admiration for Amir to her husband the General Taheri.

Relationship Between Amir & Baba in The Kite Runner

Jamila plays the role of a typical Afgan wife and mother, she obeys her husband without a question and wants nothing more than to see her daughter married. She is a loving mother but also a women of a sensitive, subtle and creative nature.

The General made her think that she was not worthy or good enough.