Hiei and kurama relationship counseling

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hiei and kurama relationship counseling

Hiei's relationship with Mukuro is not romantic but it's not a normal friendship either. Kurama and Hiei are friends but they aren't close enough to discuss their They remind me of people meeting at group therapy session and being able to . The Relationship Between Hiei And Mukuro: What I Saw To be perfectly It's like how people say not to give them advice or tell them what to do unless Kurama is Hiei's best friend, however Mukuro is like his mirror image. Both Hiei and Kurama shuddered and held hands, readying themselves to finally tell them. Hiei opened his mouth to speak, but Kurama placed.

I just want to stay and be here for my child. You won't stand between me and my baby.

The fox didn't look the least bit intimidated, and Hiei didn't expect that he would. But whether he liked it or not, the father of their baby was going nowhere far.

Finally, Kurama spoke and said simply, "ok. Against his partner's advice, Hiei had said nothing to his ex employer; he had no possessions he didn't carry on person, and he owed her no explanation. There were no romantic feelings between he and the fox, but they would try to stay civil, for the sake of their child.

Four weeks had passed since Hiei vowed to stay in Ningenkai; while he spent most of his nights in the tree behind Kurama's apartment, he never ventured far away from his unborn child. Today, however, Hiei found himself not lounging in the tree outside, but across Kurama's bed, counting tiles which made up his ceiling.

Anything to keep himself entertained. The evidence of their expectant arrival was becoming more and more obvious; while Hiei could hide their secret indefinitely, Kurama could not. Today, they would meet with their closest circle of friends to reveal their surprise Hiei heard another frustrated sigh emitted from Kurama's closet, and covered his face with his hand. The expectant new parent had tried on every pair of pants he owned, but nothing fit across his growing waistline.

hiei and kurama relationship counseling

And, as he said, loose fitting tunics just made him look "more pregnant. Hiei peaked through his fingers; Kurama stood before him, dressed in an oversized sweatshirt, no doubt covering the open button on his jeans. You're going to boil outside. The fox was looking more and more pregnant, every day, as Hiei had noticed. And, although he wouldn't say so outloud, Kurama's pregnant body was He'd always appealed to Hiei, in a way that no other demon had, but he'd been attracted to Kurama's power and intellect.

Now, he found himself eyeing the fox's profile, and seeing him in an entirely different light. It was of great relief to Hiei when Kurama finally covered himself; this time, he dressed in a narrow fitted Oxford shirt, which served to hide his unbuttoned jeans and ever growing baby bump.

He looked to Hiei for approval; while the fire demon could still recognize the outline of his lower belly, he was willing to fib, if it meant getting this over with. You're telling them today, anyway, so why does it matter if they can see it? I plan to ease them into the situation first. After all, most of our friends aren't familiar with my physical makeup.

hiei and kurama relationship counseling

Should we first tell them you're knocked up, or that you've been hiding your womanhood where your balls should be? I'm sure the detective and his idiot sidekick will come up with plenty of jokes.

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As they say, it's time to face the music. The ex detective had closed the small restaurant, just for an hour long "lunch," so they could all speak in private. The entire gang had gathered there, with the exception of Koenma; he wouldn't return to their world, as per his father's orders. Kurama's mother was notably absent as well; he'd share the news with her when it was just the two of them. Their friends' reactions ranged from shock to genuine excitement; Yuusuke and Kuwabara had been floored by the news, as they'd never heard of a "hermaphrodite" conceiving a baby.

hiei and kurama relationship counseling

Kurama protested at the use of their slur, and they'd promptly apologized when they realized their mistake. Now, they all sat around a table outside, digesting the news and asking questions.

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Kurama had encouraged them to speak freely and ask everything that came to mind. After a long silence between them, Kuwabara spoke first. Didn't Shizuru ever tell you where babies come from?

I wasn't asking you anyway.

hiei and kurama relationship counseling

That is a fair inquiry. Kuwabara, we're not sure if my body will be capable of delivering the baby vaginally. But not quite, since they are actually different people.

hiei and kurama relationship counseling

But because they are so similar and united in their pasts and have helped each other overcome them, they can lean on each other and learn to accept and live with themselves together. They are like the same side of the same coin.

Not Yin and Yang, but rather both of them Yin. Struggling against each other is like struggling against themselves. When Mukuro told Hiei not to make it his purpose in life to defeat her because that would be sad, she meant that making it his purpose in life to defeat and destroy his past and himself would be sad.

When Hiei said he would never fight her again, he meant that he had made peace with himself and would no longer fight against himself again.

They were both content at the end of the battle because through making peace with each other in that fight, they were making peace with themselves. What they said to each other was what they were saying to themselves. They were each being the inner voices for each other. They were only saying to each other what the other was thinking about themselves in their heart of hearts but were never able to admit to themselves. By doing so, they forced themselves to face their deepest fears and insecurities through each other.

They really are just like another part of each other.

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To love each other romantically would be practically selfcest, in a way. And since neither of them love themselves, they cannot love each other in that way anyway. They can just hold each other and be with each other and be a shoulder to lean on and gradually make peace with themselves through each other. And then maybe, they could look for love, but elsewhere.

Not together, because they are each other. Mukuro is like his twin in life. People also like to reference that one particular OVA and claim that Mukuro has romantic feelings for Hiei because of how she is acting and what she said and that Hiei has romantic feelings for her because he entrusted her with his Hiruseki stone.

Let me remind you of one thing: Yukina did so first. She also trusted that it would be safe with him. Or that he cares for her in any less platonic a manner.