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2x Wimbledon (Murray) US Open (Murray) Olympic Gold Medal , ( Murray) .. On September 16, , six days after losing the final of the US Open to Boris Becker, Lendl married Samantha Frankel. They have five daughters: Marika. Ivan Lendl's bio is filled with personal and professional info. A collection of facts He married his beloved wife Samantha Frankel on September 16, These couples There are no any records of his other relationships. Well, looking at. It hardly comes as a surprise that the house Ivan Lendl lives in is made of . Although Solomon's business relationship with Lendl concluded in a $7 Lendl followed up his six-year courtship of Samantha Frankel, whom he.

Print Email "No need for apologies," says Ivan Lendl over the phone. The Sunday Morning Post has been offering them profusely since picking up his call.

The previous day, the eight-time grand slam champion and one of the game's most dominant players in the s, had rung for an arranged interview only to find us at a dinner engagement and unable to take the call. A champion and a gentleman, he simply said, "No worries", and called back the next day. Not many sportspeople, let alone superstars, would be so gracious. The following day, Lendl is driving back after an early-morning training session in Florida with Andy Murray, who is in the front passenger seat.

We don't know if he is on the car's speakerphone but we ask what he thinks of Roger Federer's assertion that Murray is a bigger threat now that he is a grand slam winner thanks to Lendl's guidance. But it is still nice to hear that he has become even more dangerous under me. In that time he has instilled in the Scot the iron discipline that marked his own illustrious career and it has led to a marked improvement, especially in results at major events.

Murray won his first grand slam title at the US Open last September, becoming the first Briton to do so in 76 years, as well as Olympic gold a few weeks earlier in London. Federer was commenting before their semi-final clash at the opening grand slam this year, last month's Australian Open. Murray, who beat Federer in the Olympics final, beat the Swiss master again to reach the final against Novak Djokovic, which he lost in a thrilling five-setter.

That is the ultimate goal but at the same time you have to realise that you cannot win every time. In particular, his match against Federer was very good. Lendl puts it down to the work ethic of the Scot. It is working for both of us and it is pretty simple.

We both want to do it," Lendl says. Lendl failed to win Wimbledon, in my opinion, for a single reason. He did not move well enough, although he was faster than his sometimes clumsy movements suggested. I heard the squealing of a thousand mice and heavy, thudding footfalls from Lendl's side of the net - but never a sound from McEnroe's.

Lendl won eight majors, none on conspicuous natural talent on the order of Federer's, and his 19 Grand Slam final appearances is the benchmark for men. As a child, his mother used to take him to the tennis court and tether him like a little dog to a netpost. He was often hailed as "tennis's greatest overacheiver. Yet isn't that what striving, as opposed to merely winning - being flat-out better - is all about - and didn't his success outshine that of most?

The funny thing about Lendl's record at Wimbledon is that he had a sterling. It's not like the guy couldn'tt play on grass, he was unable to be the best in the world on grass at the biggest tournament on the stuff. That is, his impossible dream was interrupted, and remains a part of the ether.

Lendl did not even come into his own as a champion until relatively late in his career. He, was, to put it bluntly, a world-class choker before he became a dominant champion. It was not until his epic, French Open final comeback against McEnroe, when Lendl was 24that he turned the corner.

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Before then, he was such an enigma that I took perverse pleasure in always describing him as "Weird Ivan Lendl" as in "Weird Al Yankovic" - like it said that on his birth certificate. I was hard on him, but then he was hard on everyone in a way that I despised. His major shortcoming was one that he, ironically, shared with Martina Navratilova whom Lendl scorned as a "limousine liberal" at every opportunity.

He put too much emphasis on intelligence. This undoubtedly had to do with being East European another thing I know about, firsthand. For many people in that part of the world, being "smart" as opposed to kind, or principled, or good-naturedespecially in cultural matters, is considered the highest of virtues.

Lendl held you in scorn if you weren't conventionally "smart" meaning stone-cold logical, and shrewdand that seemed a good enough reason for me to hold him in scorn. But here's something you need to know, and I should have taken into account. What a callow youth he was; how much he still had to learn.

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Weird enough for you? The irony I see now is that as critical as Lendl was of Navratilova, and as different as he was and is in his view of the world, they shared many qualities, starting with the fact that they were both outsiders. Navratilova, at least, tried her dangest - and in a conspicuous way - to fit in, somehow never relinquishing her East Euro arrogance. Sports Illustrated once ran a piece on Lendl, for which the headline read: The Champ Nobody Cares About.

Ha ha ha ha! Tennis magazine countered with a piece of its own: It's a sign of having a strong, basic identity, I suppose, even though it was packaged with that annoying, East European know-it-allism. Also each of them became the epitome of the self-made player, learning to be a champion through what most people would agree is that vaunted institution of higher learning, HNU Hard Knocks University. Each used fitness - along with every other tool available - to improve, and thus became a champion for the ages.

I kind of wish they were friends, even though they would fight like cat and dog. Over time, I warmed to Lendl. As I grew older, I came to realize that "weird" is often preferable to cool, especially when cool means being different only in a studied, superficial way.

Late in Lendl's career, we got together to do a massive Q and A story for Tennis. I went to his home in Greenwich.

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It was as close to an American castle as you could get, complete with the infamous German shepherd guard dogs. Ivan gave me the typical "proud homeowner" tour. He must have had 50 works of original art on the wall - all by the same man, the Czech poster artist whom Lendl collected, Alphonse Mucha. During my visit, I met Lendl's wife, Samantha ne Frankel - who studiously avoided engaging the press. It's funny, but a few weeks ago, when i first wrote about Lendl, the comments about this relationship were notably harsh.

Granted, the situation was, at face value, disconcerting. Here was a shy, quiet, underage girl, the very image of a sheltered, innocent child from a wealthy American family, essentially cradle-snatched and living and traveling with a a spectrally-visaged, seemingly cold and ruthlessly logical world-class tennis pro from East Europe.