Kaillie humphreys and heather moyse relationship memes

Our win in Sochi against all odds | Caroline Ouellette

kaillie humphreys and heather moyse relationship memes

JO SOTCHI - 23 FÉVRIER - Canadian Olympic Team / Équipe olympique canadienne: Congratulations to Kaillie Humphries and Heather Moyse. about the long history and special relationship between .. avant même de l'avoir reçu. Kaillie Humphries and Heather Moyse - gold. Olympic final, we watched Kaillie Humphries and Heather Moyse make . an incredibly strong relationship of trust with assistant coaches Lisa Haley, . et l'ont même comparé à dernière partie de la Série du siècle entre le.

There were hurt feelings due to team politics and a lot of miscommunication.

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A long European road trip helped turned things around. It was late and Humphries was driving Moyse and another teammate to the next stop on the bobsled circuit.

It was a long trip, but there was more awkward silence than any meaningful conversation. Moyse tried some jokes, tried talking about men, their fellow competitors, but nothing was working.

She eventually reached for a book that she'd packed to help pass the time. It was loaded with hundreds of questions -- all beginning with the word 'If' -- that you could ask people around you for fun. Moyse wasn't paying much attention to the text and was simply reading the questions out cold. They were rather innocuous, like 'If you could have dinner with any three people in the world, who would they be?

Her teammate in the front passenger seat looked back at her in stunned silence with eyebrows raised. No one said a word. The seconds felt like minutes. Unsure of what to do, Moyse made a joking comment in hopes of clearing the tension. Then Humphries finally broke the ice.

It wasn't your fault, you were just doing your job. They could finally talk about things. While they had been professional in their interaction as teammates, they had put walls in place when it came to their relationship. That one moment helped change that. She said yes and they were on their way, two athletes who both had something to prove.

That was the biggest thing. Both of us, right from the start, we both respected each other and our jobs and what we were doing and the rest could come and we knew that. The Vancouver Games were a year away. They entered the Olympics as underdogs and emerged as champions.

Moyse later took a break from the sport for a couple years but returned this past season and it was like she'd never left. They won their first World Cup race of the season last fall in Calgary, entered the Sochi Games as favourites and showed they could repeat. Their bond was evident Wednesday night at the Sanki Sliding Center. From the bench where I stood, the angle of the puck rolling appeared as if it was going in.

Olympic champs Humphries and Moyse haven't always been all smiles and glory

But the puck was up, and like a curling stone, began to swirl to the left. Everyone held their breaths. It would have felt so unfair to finish the game that way. We screamed when we saw the puck hit the post. Hope came with the realization we were still alive. It almost felt like we were destined to complete the comeback.

It made us believe even more. No one deserved more than Marie-Philip Poulin to tie the game in a dramatic fashion with 55 seconds left! Our bench went insane, jumping and hugging in unstoppable fashion! In the locker room after regulation, we were excited and felt we had all the momentum in the world. I have never felt a group of people so driven to win.

kaillie humphreys and heather moyse relationship memes

There was this mix of confidence and certainty we could make it happen in overtime. When Poulin scored in overtime after a beautiful passing play by Laura Fortino, it felt so surreal. It still feels like a dream today. What people ignore is that our hero, Marie-Philip Poulin, injured herself early this season.

After a long rehab, she returned to play, immediately aggravating her injury. How cruel sport can be at times. Poulin spent several months incapable of playing. Yet she was relentlessly training and rehabbing every day, in the hope that she could do it right the next time. And she did just that, returning stronger than ever and coping with remaining pain. She lead our team with the intensity of her play and the poise so few have in the world to score the most important goals.

The medals of courage go to Poulin and also Meaghan Mikkelson, who played the final game with a broken hand. I have to admit that this year was so difficult physically and emotionally, that it even made me question my love for the game for the first time in my life. Later on, I realized I still had it in me and my energy returned. The love was there. Our season was filled with obstacles, changes, injuries, and more loses than victories.

Let go of what you must. In the end, our team slogan became Unity in Adversity. It embodied our journey together.

kaillie humphreys and heather moyse relationship memes

Our logo is a puzzle piece that represents each member of the team as an important link to our strength and success. Because each and every one of us was great in our given role, our team was unstoppable! We had a large head-start over the Americans with a month long boot camp in May and starting our centralization over a month earlier.

We came out of the gate flying, winning three games in a row against the Americans. Then came the drought, the inability to score, injuries, despair, and what felt like, insurmountable fatigue. With defeats came turmoil and change in coaching. I am thankful to Dan, who was with us for most of the journey.

kaillie humphreys and heather moyse relationship memes

And that made me understand that my best contribution to the team would not be to score goals but through leadership. Kevin Dineen brought with him a new energy; a fresh start.

He had the wisdom to never look in the past. He took us forward. He understood the importance of creating an incredibly strong relationship of trust with assistant coaches Lisa Haley, Danielle Goyette and the entire staff. His expertise came from coaching in the NHL, playing in the league for years, many of them being captain. You cannot teach that knowledge. Kevin is the charismatic leader you crave to hear speak.

Kevin coached with passion and courage. He did not care about what had been accomplished in the past by individuals. We had to prove ourselves all over again. We had to earn every inch of reward. He shook our comfort zone, challenging us at a whole new level. Kevin made us check our ego at the door. In the end Kevin, Danielle, Lisa and our staff created a united team prepared to fight through anything. We are not irrational. We aspire to bring home an Olympic gold medal; he aspires to win the Stanley Cup!

I so wish him both! What will immortalize this moment with us the Olympic ring tattoo he will soon get. Delivering on his promise to the players for a win!

I know real well that part of the win was an improbable twist of fate. And although the Americans and Canadians players enjoy disliking one another, I cannot begin to imagine the agony they feel. An inch is how close the Americans were to gold. This was the ninth match between us in the season, and both teams had won four games. In hockey, we win gold, we lose silver.

The hurt will never ceases for them, but life moves forward. I wish that someday, they can too, and will feel pride in their Olympic journey. Proof of the power of sport to lift a nation! Even today, Canadians still talk to me about our win in Salt Lake City.

We were resilient and composed through the 13 penalties we faced. In many ways, this season resembled our journey. Adversity all along and triumph against all odds, in the one game that truly mattered.

And just when we thought this adventure could not get any better, on our way home from Sochi we met the heroes on our Canadian soccer team, Christine Sinclair and Karina Leblanc.