Kara and lee relationship help

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kara and lee relationship help

Personally, I do want to be married, and I prefer my marriage over any other Kara and Lee confessed their love for each other in unequivocal terms while down. the couple who I think has the most functional relationship (Howard their fingers and squeezing: Starbuck and Apollo (or Lee and Kara. Leland Joseph "Lee" Adama (callsign "Apollo") is a fictional character in the television series Lee Adama's strained relationship with his father also causes him to become a strong He helps Roslin to lead a breakaway fleet to Kobol. However, Lee battles with depression at this time, confessing to Kara Thrace "he didn't.

She has a better relationship with his father than he does. Both of them are Viper pilots charged every day with protecting the death ships that contain the remains of humanity. Any moment of weakness could mean the end of their lives, any wrong decision could get hundreds killed. Most of the time, their romantic interactions were cut short and tinged with the bleak reality of their existence.

Watching this scene again, I remember how rough these two were with each other. Each holds the other to the highest standard. Sometimes, their love for each other is a huge weakness. Battlestar pulls at your guts as each character has to confront whether the main thing they need to survive human interaction, human love could be the one thing that will lead to their death.

The scene is followed by them bloodied on the ground, fighting each other until they can barely breathe. The episode ends with them covered in blood, whispering that they missed each other. This episode is the perfect example of their relationship, at once deeply passionate and frightening. Adama wants Lee to stop helping Baltar, but Lee refuses, ultimately resigning his commission after Adama openly states that Lee has no integrity, and that he is "a coward" for supposedly letting Romo question Saul.

Putting the uniform behind him, Lee begins to see the trial more as an exercise of justice rather than as a trial of a specific man, and personally takes up the cross-examination of President Laura Roslin, confronting her with her renewed use of the hallucinogenic compound chamala-extract which she claims is a treatment for her relapse of cancer.

This move, while justified in Lee's mind toward preserving justice in the fleet, further strains his relationship with both his father and Roslin, and motivates his wife to finally leave him.

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After Laura's deposition, Lee is the last witness called, following Felix Gaeta's perjury in stating President Baltar willingly signed a mass execution warrant.

Lee proclaims in court nearly all those in positions of power throughout the Fleet, including himself, are guilty of murder and treason to some degree; because Baltar is broadly reviled in Fleet society, human civilization is scapegoating the ex-President in an effort to expunge its guilt and shame. Lee ultimately realizes he was being manipulated by Lampkin, who boldly predicted to Baltar he has no greater ally than a son trying to flee his father's shadow.

After Baltar's acquittal, the Fleet is once again discovered by the Cylons.

kara and lee relationship help

Despite having resigned his commission, Lee puts on a flight suit and pilots Viper 3 to help defend the fleet from the Cylons. While in flight he spots something on his wing, which he discovers to be a Viper, flown by Kara Thrace. She proceeds to tell him "It's okay, don't freak out, it's really me. I've been to Earth, I know where it is, and I'm gonna take us there". While reviewing his gun camera footage, Lee tells his father that since Baltar's trial, he feels he can do more outside the military, even as his father offers to return his wings.

kara and lee relationship help

Adama is visibly upset but ultimately concedes to his son's wishes. At Lee's "mustering out" party, he drinks several toasts to the Galactica, his friends, Rear Admiral Adama, the Fleet and "to absent friends.

Dualla gives him his Viper wings in a frame and as he hugs her he says, "Well, looks like you get the house. Following the disappearance of President Roslin aboard the defecting Cylon basestar, Lee searches for an alternative Presidential candidate to the still-divisive Zarek. After a tense confrontation with a despairing Romo Lampkin, during which he is informed of his nomination with a gun to the head, Lee accepts his candidacy. She demands the Four Cylons within the Colonial fleet reveal themselves and find their way to the Rebel baseship; until then, a Colonial hostage on the baseship would be killed every 15 minutes.

His father's nervous breakdown in the light of Tigh's confession gave Lee the upper hand.

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Within short order, he had three of the final five standing in an airlock. D'Anna was backed hopelessly into a corner and prepared to nuke the civilian fleet; the confrontation seemed hopeless until Starbuck showed up with the co-ordinates to Earth. Lee felt withholding the information would only serve to prolong a pointless war, so shared the discovery with D'Anna. He saw to it Cylon and Human would travel to Earth and make a new home together.

The Fleet's arrival at Earth was a bittersweet experience for Adama.

Musings on Lee, Kara and the Frakking Series Finale

Joy, elation and relief quickly turned to dismay and horror upon witnessing a devastated cityscape once the thirteenth colony. After returning to Galactica, Lee and his ex-wife Anastasia Dualla share a reconciliation and go on a "date.

In the wake of Tom Zarek 's failed coup, Lee is appointed Vice President of the Colonies by President Laura Roslinand it is made clear while she will retain the title of President, Lee will handle the "heavy lifting. He leads one of the assault teams straight into the Colony to retrieve Hera and manages to return her safely to the Galactica.

When the fleet reaches the second Earth, Lee is the one to propose the survivors abandon their ships and technology and take the chance to break the cycle of violence and start life with a clean slate.

The survivors agree to the plan and willingly allow the fleet to be destroyed while they settle on Earth with nothing but the clothes on their back and the supplies they possess. With a new chance at life, Lee expresses interest in exploring the new planet.

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Relationships[ edit ] William Adama: Lee's father and current commander of the fleet and Galactica. Although strained at the beginning, his relationship with his son has evolved into a mutual love and respect.

kara and lee relationship help

Following the trial, the two reconciled; Lee being offered the opportunity to return to the service. Although the extent of his relationship with Kara Thrace, callsign Starbuck, before joining Galactica has never fully been explained, they share one of the strongest bonds on the show.

It is revealed in the series finale Lee met Kara while she was dating Zak Adama. The three had a dinner party in Kara's apartment, and a drunken Kara dared Lee to make love to her while Zak was passed out on the sofa. The two stopped themselves when Zak briefly woke, but it is clear the attraction between Lee and Kara existed from the beginning of their friendship.

Aboard Galactica, the two often have a volatile relationship, both professionally and personally. They almost consummated their relationship in " Scar ", and have often been known to be jealous of each other's lovers.

kara and lee relationship help

While not on good terms since finally sleeping together on New Caprica, their relationship seems to have improved since facing off in an emotional boxing match in " Unfinished Business ". In the beginning of season 3 Lee and Kara seem to be on the verge of a serious relationship until Kara suddenly gets married.

This does not put a stop to the tension between the characters; however, Lee won't cheat on his wife, Dee, and Kara doesn't want to divorce her husband, Anders, saying divorce is a sin in " The Eye of Jupiter ". After Kara returns from the dead at the beginning of season 4, Lee supports her claims she can lead the fleet to Earth. Aside from a brief kiss during the mutiny aboard Galactica, Lee and Kara's relationship is not explored much during the final season, although the two characters share a final scene together in the series finale, with Kara mysteriously disappearing when Lee briefly looks away from her.

President of the Colonies. Appointed Lee as her military advisor in Season 1. Over the course of the show Lee has consistently sided with Roslin over his father, most notably when he refused to arrest her for defying his father's orders and later when he defected with her and nearly a third of the fleet to go to Kobol.

Since then, however, their relationship has deteriorated. Assigned to Gaius Baltar's security during his trial for the crimes committed on New Caprica, Lee takes an active interest in Baltar's defense to the point of questioning Laura Roslin himself when the President took the stand.

In an attempt to undermine her credibility, Lee forced the President to confess she had resumed taking chamalla, the hallucinogenic alternative cancer therapy.

While Lee's reasoning was the President had become addicted, a disappointed and betrayed Roslin was forced to reveal her cancer had in fact returned.