Ken zhu and rainie yang relationship memes

Drama Queen - All aboard the OTP ship! (Part Two)

ken zhu and rainie yang relationship memes

Rainie Yang doesn't have any relationships or romances she can talk about, but she's thinking directly of marriage! Having no partner for the concert, but 'big brother' Ken Zhu showed up on stage. Rainie and Ken sang a very sweet duet "Qing Fei De Yi"; Rainie calls this song "the. Jerry Yan | ini si jerry yan yang main jadi dao ming shi . Beloved filmFilm Noir Carl Reiner QuotesMovie starsMartin o'malleyRachel WardMovie TvFilm posters Theatre posters .. Sweet Relationship Drama/Taiwanese drama/interesting really hate this drama, .. Devil beside you taiwanese drama mike he and rainie yang. Rainie Yang, Kingone Wang and Mike He in Devil beside you drama. .. Taiwanese drama starring Barbie Hsu, Jerry Yan, Vic Zhou, Vanness Wu and Ken Chu.

They first crossed paths in the entertainment circle while Joe was hosting Enews in and Ariel was a guest but it was only when they starred in ISWAK did their OTP-ness reached unparalleled heights. From up to present these two have made thousands of shippers happy with their constant intimate moments caught both oncamera and offcamera. The two have been constantly sighted offcamera in various occassions.

They are almost always present in birthday celebrations of each other or other momentous events, such as Ariels book signing event where Joe surprised her and there have also been photographs and videos of them sharing international or domestic flights that at one point, cameras capture Joe waiting for Ariel at Narita even if they were not promoting anything that time and they were there separately on business.

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These two have perfected the art of being the most couply uncouple in the entire history of showbiz. In a brave move, Joe have admitted in a TV show publicly that he had tried to court Ariel twice but that he has also been rejected by her twice.

He also mentioned that his dad really thinks that Ariel and him are married and he calls her his daughter in law. It was also through this show where as a dare they asked him to call Ariel to invite her on a trip with just the two of them and without knowing that she was on air, Ariel immediately said Yes. Need i say more? These two have been this close constantly with or without a project so you can feel the genuineness of their relationship.

Chances of getting together: Taiwan Post, Entertainment Section, Jan 14, Security was especially tight at the Marriot Hotel this evening.

ken zhu and rainie yang relationship memes

The main ballroom is said to be booked for the night by a very special guest. According to unnamed sources, actor Ken Zhu booked the ballroom at noon today for a quiet dinner for two. The arrangement is said to include a 4-piece orchestra to play soothing classics, a lone table set at the center of the ballroom, intimate setting, and a special 9-course meal prepared by the head chef.

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According to our source, Ken Zhu arrived at the venue first. He was in a casual evening suit -- very shuai. He scanned the ballroom and seemed satisfied.

  • Sunday, May 21, 2006

We both turned when the orchestra started playing. My jaws literally dropped at the sight of her. When I looked at Mr. Ken appeared flustered at first but quickly recovered and walked slowly towards her. He stopped about a foot away from her. Everyone held their breaths.

The two were overheard talking: Pauses Um… shall we? The two sat beside each other. Ken appeared nervous at first but his mastery soon took over. Rainie was comfortable with herself.

The chemistry between the two was palpable. His eyes made quick swipes along her breastline and her thighs too laughs! Everything she says seems to make Ken laugh.

ken zhu and rainie yang relationship memes

They said that during the appetizer, Ken kept his hands to himself. By the time dessert was served, they were both operating with just one hand each, because they were holding hands under the table.