Kenpachi and unohana relationship help

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kenpachi and unohana relationship help

Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Humor - R. Unohana, K. Zaraki - Words: - Reviews: 8 - Favs: 34 - Follows: 5 Twenty truths about the relationship between Kenpachi Zaraki and Retsu Unohana. It wasn't much help. Retsu. The Edge of Restraint - The Kenpachi/Unohana Relationship (BLEACH) We are usually told to give it our all in most aspects in life, yet what if. I'm at the aftermath of the Quincy invasion rn and kenpachi is kenpachi is training with her and they seem to have a love hate relationship. . to speak to their leader and help the Shinigami infiltrate the HQ of the Quincies.

But that will not stop us from hoping! Do you remember all the sex we had on the blood-soaked battlefields of the past? Mainly I remember the time you gave me a bouquet of severed heads. It was so sweet of you! Good times, good times. I did give my son a name! I would rather be nameless forever than be called…Foo Foo Piddlefingers.

I may have been drinking. He saw her fighting from a distance. I did wonder, when you first joined the Gotei, why you had a lieutenant with my name. I hear that a lot. This is one of my two favorite theories, currently: It would then be an Ikkaku sort of situation: I really thought you were dead. Had I known, I would have stabbed you a few more times. He used to work for her…but was kicked out.

Perhaps Kenpachi actually worked for Unohana, as part of her killing squad. But then something happened, and he was kicked out. Retsu steers a wide berth around the boys' departments to get to the girls' area when Kenpachi is shopping with her, because he was wildly disappointed to find that they don't make "Iron Man" character briefs in his size.

Retsu's reaction to Kenpachi's briefs, even without Iron Man on them, has more than once resulted in a later start to their day than either had planned. After they entirely missed an opening of the Senkaimon because of Retsu's reaction to Kenpachi's briefs, Kenpachi began putting his jeans on immediately after he donned the briefs.

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It wasn't much help. Retsu knew the briefs were there. Kenpachi now gets up first and dresses in the bathroom on Senkaimon days.

kenpachi and unohana relationship help

It isn't much help. Retsu knows the briefs are there. Kenpachi has considered boxers, but where's the fun in that? Those of you who answered "In the same place it is when he wears briefs" have passed the test, and may be excused from the rest of the class. Everybody in Soul Society knows that Kenpachi takes off his eye patch just before orgasm. Most would prefer not to have this knowledge.

Nobody in Soul Society knows that after the first time it happened by accident, Retsu began to insist he do so. When Kenpachi realized that not only were he and Retsu enjoying themselves, but that his blade and Minazuki were metaphorically sitting on the foot of the futon eating popcorn and critiquing the performance, he moved his blade-storage rack out of the bedroom.

kenpachi and unohana relationship help

Unohana's main directive in this fight is to Oh, his time as a child? When the challenge was its highest? Am I not getting it? Someone, please help me.

I just hate how Kubo's presenting this as some deep conflicting battle. Kenpachi and Unohana have barely interacted, no matter how badly you want to twist the canon. It cheapens the emotional value I promise I'll go easy. Unohana's gonna release her zanpakutou?! What happened to millions of blades, a skeleton snake, a freaking missile launcher?!

I need to wrap this up before I can't take it anymore. So apparently four times now only one Kenpachi can live. One Kenpachi can stand. Unohana has to DIE?!

After we finally get info on her?! After she finally fucking fights?! Slashing Kenpachi and grinning like a psycho?!

What is this, a pass-the-torch theme?!

kenpachi and unohana relationship help

Based off the fact Kenpachi admired Unohana when chapters never pointed to the relationship in the first place?! Based off the fact that Kubo took the high road, killed two birds with one stone, and "developed" both characters?!

Is any pay-off in seeing Unohana die? Well no, the chapter ends before we can learn his zanpakutou name or its form This would've mattered more to me during Soul Society or Hueco Mundo, but not so much here.

What is unohana and kenpachi's relationship in bleach?

It's something fans and readers alike have been wanting to see. At least Kubo is man enough to go back and give this plot point another try, and not completely forget it. Even though it was done half-assed. But it's a point in Kubo's favor. Now she may recover being healing her-who the fuck am I kidding?! But I still can't find myself to like Kenpachi as much anymore, and that's just taste, I suppose.

Any future improvements may feel shoehorned in and not as significant, but at least Kubo's trying. Y'know, when he feels like putting out any effort.

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