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lovee: Photo Martin And Gina, You Funny, Funny Jokes, Funny Gifs Togetha:) -from Kindred Smile's Tumblr Martin And Gina, Relationship Quizzes. tumblr_lnpg4zJ0Ef1qfg71to1_gif source: 5. Martin was about relationships. Gina and Martin loved each other, but they spoke different languages so often that it often ended poorly when it didn't have too. Martin Lawrence Love GIF. Martin Lawrence Love GIF This GIF has everything: love, 90s, show, COUPLE! Source relationship goals.

They trade insults about his height and her alcoholism. They duel over who gets Rosario as a maid. They even engage in epic fist-fights, in which their respective hair pieces get ripped off. Their rivalry is a beautiful mix of absurd, physical and insult comedy. Kyle hates Cartman simply because he is Cartman: Plus, their slap-fights are pretty hilarious.

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One of the best moments of this latter stage is a hilarious and delightful musical performance by the actor who plays Kyle, T. You can watch that scene in the video above. Martin loves to compare her to various animals, and insult her breath and general appearance. And apparently deep-seated resentment is most desirable after its been aged for 14 years.

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Their rivalry has featured odd battles such as Twitter wars, ruined movie premieres and an epic card game showdown. But then you watch a scene with an Eagletonian in it and you realize that they are just as hateful and condescending as Leslie makes them out to be. Because sometimes even the worst rivals have a moment of sincere compassion for each other.

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The first flashback was the night of a full moon and Stiles was mad at Scott for kissing Lydia. Scott knew he messed up by not telling Stiles about the kiss and he wanted to fix it. Truthfully, I never liked Malia and Stiles romantically. However, for me personally, Stiles and Lydia made more sense together. She might have thought she was going to die that night, and all she cared about was Stiles not coming back for her.

Stiles was the first person who cared about her and was there for her when she shifted back to human.

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The memory that was used for Malia to remember Stiles was the moment we realized she was afraid to lose someone else she loved in her life. It was the perfect Stalia memory for this episode. I even stocked up on tissues for the waterworks that were sure to come. Like Scott, Lydia had a lot of memories but there was only two that stood out the most for her. The first memory was when she kissed Stiles after having a panic attack. She kissed him because she read somewhere holding your breath can stop a panic attack.


It was the moment everything changed. Stiles was in love with Lydia and she had no idea who he was. They slowly got to know each other and became friends. Then gradually their friendship developed to something more.