Media and military relationship problems

media and military relationship problems

in conflict situations Therefore, media- military relations require a detail study. . There are problems in non-real-time reporting also. The. Media, Military-Media Relations, Social Media, Education, JPME system. SECURITY From the military side of this issue, the contributions from LCDR Steve. Abstract of. THE MILITARY AND THE MEDIA: PROBLEMS, POLICY, AND OPERATIONAL ISSUES. The relationship between the U.S. military establishment and.

media and military relationship problems

Some veterans may become sexually demanding without offering emotional closeness, to reassure themselves they are still okay. Others lose interest or feel unable to respond in a physical way.

Effects of military-related stress on relationships - Young Diggers

Aggression or outbursts may occur over apparently small issues. There may be patterns of domestic violence, which need to be urgently addressed.

Some use alcohol or other drugs to try to ease their distress, even though these may make the symptoms worse and, in many cases, become an addiction that then needs to be addressed as well. How does this stress affect partners? Partners may feel very alone if a veteran becomes focussed on themselves and unable to consider the feelings and needs of others.

media and military relationship problems

Partners may feel cut off, neglected and unsupported, and there may be little emotional or physical intimacy. Partners may feel they have to take full responsibility for day-to-day family life.

They may feel overburdened and often experience their own stress as they struggle with 'endless' coping.

Effects of military-related stress on relationships

The partner may question whether the relationship should continue, or argue strongly for change, especially when the children leave home. Adolescents and younger children may feel confused and angry with a parent who, absorbed with their own problems, is rarely able to talk or play with them.

media and military relationship problems

Children may wrongly blame themselves and feel inadequate when they are unable to please their parent and get the love they want.

They may also assume a 'care taking' role toward their parent at the expense of some of their own development. If there is violence, alcohol or other drug abuse occurring, day-to-day life may feel chaotic and unpredictable. Home may not feel like a safe and caring place. If life feels like a whirlwind at home, with one crisis after another, there may be little energy to give to schoolwork and friendships.

As young people reach adulthood, the experience of living in a family with a parent suffering from stress related to war or peacekeeping may impact on the development and maintenance of their own intimate relationships. Young adults who have experienced stressful family life may wish to change some of the patterns of thought and behaviour that they have learnt as young children.

Selected groups of journalists are taken to the militancy-hit areas where they work in a controlled environment.

media and military relationship problems

Journalists too have been ready to avail themselves of the offer. As one Peshawar-based journalist working for a large television channel put it: This can cast a pall over the entire exercise. Last year, the ISPR took a group of journalists to South Waziristan to brief them about development projects undertaken in the conflict-hit areas.


Unexpectedly, one of the district correspondents expressed doubt over such claims. This led the accompanying official to rush towards the reporter, saying: Free media access to the conflict zone is globally considered a threat to national security. This misperception has led militaries to cobble journalists and soldiers together but conflicting interests have always kept this relationship in a flux.

The more journalists show their readiness to compromise their independence, the more they are expected to retreat from professionalism. The end-product is always a bitter experience.

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Given all this, the uneasy media-military relationship is not going to deliver despite growing ties between journalists and militaries everywhere. Historically, militaries have successfully kept a lid on information. But things have changed now and thanks to technological advances time and space barriers have been breached.

media and military relationship problems

It is time for journalists to assert themselves and prevail over traditional power centres that want to maintain institutional supremacy by controlling the flow of information at the cost of civil liberties.