Mikoto and anna relationship poems

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mikoto and anna relationship poems

Mikoto frowned at eight year old Anna who was clutching the edge of Tatara's white .. The whole beat of the poem just changed from there. . had a close relationship with, she was very glad that their son had the red clan. For example, Anna's relationship with Mikoto. I mean, she's a little girl wearing lolita clothes that's stuck to his side like glue. Her emotional attachment to him is. "Sup, m' Mikoto Suoh, Red king, and head of HOMRA. Mikotos Relationships Anna: Mikoto looks a Anna as his daughter, doing whatever she wanted just to.

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Others who had stopped to watch the scene created by Chitose's loud talking decided it was time to carry out with their own business. Who knew if the women learned their lesson? I want him to have his meal now or he'll wake up in a rage later on," Maria told Anna as she accepted her son from her. Mikoto was sitting up beside Anna now. Anna looked at him blankly while Mikoto gave him a lopsided frown. What do you mean?

Maria was patting her baby's back. If Maria heard Mikoto call her son a 'little pervert', she would loose her temper and probably try to kill Mikoto. He might be her husband's king, but he was not her king. As Mikoto was not one to run from a fight, he would take her on and disregard that this was the wife of one his clansmen. It wouldn't be a pretty sight.

Both did have awfully destructive power. For Tamotsu's sake, the father of the baby and the princess of the clan decided to make sure that Mikoto absolutely did not finish his sentence. Thankfully, Maria had become distracted when Tamotsu decided to give an angry little wail. I'll have some privacy to feed him there," Maria told Chitose who nodded hurriedly.

He bowed to Mikoto and Anna politely before heading to the car with his family. They heard him ask Maria, "It's my turn next, isn't it? He remembered that Anna had mentioned but in nicer words that Tamotsu would have a foul temper like his mother's riled up, and a filthy mind like his dad's.

Despite his shortcomings, Chitose was a good man. He was a good husband and he was a good father. Tamotsu would also be a wonderful person later on in life. He did have a role to fulfill as someone's protector after all. Although her expression was blank, her cheeks were red with embarrassment.

Mikoto reached across and pinched her cheek. Anna whimpered in pain and he released her. He paused by cupping her cheek and softly stroking his thumb against the reddened mark he had caused to her skin.

Anna watched him silently, letting him do as he pleased. Even if his pinches hurt a bit, his tenderness was so much sweeter. He shifted his hand to her right shoulder and used his other hand to hold her left shoulder.

mikoto and anna relationship poems

Mikoto gave her a gentle kiss on that mar to her face and drew back. Anna looked up at him, but he wasn't returning her gaze. In fact, his eyes were on somewhere lower than her face. She followed his line of vision and it seemed that he was staring at her breasts which were properly covered by the bit of black lace that was sewn onto the bodice of her red dress.

Anna's eyes widened for she was quite surprised with his actions. Then, his hands lowered and his arms went around her waist, holding her closer to him. Her heart began to beat faster and she was quite sure that he could hear it. After all, his ear was pressed right where her heart was. Why did Mikoto do this? Well, it seemed that little Tamotsu had become quite taken with Anna's chest. Mikoto had decided to see what was so fascinating about it in the eyes of a child because a guy would be sexually attracted to it as opposed to a baby.

Maybe Tamotsu simply thought 'food' when he saw her breasts. Or maybe he noted that they were soft and rather cushion-like as Mikoto seemed to be thinking. Yes, that had to be it. Anna's chest was like a pair of water balloons that were firm and jiggly. They were covered with soft silk and lace and were the perfect place for a man to rest his head.

And indeed, Mikoto was enjoying his new 'Anna-pillow'. What a sight this was indeed. Izumo was tempted to take a picture of the pair but then he might like some sort of voyeur in the eyes of the people who were passing at the foot of the hill, glancing uncomfortably at the pair who seemed to be locked into an intimate embrace.

Mikoto was leaning his head on Anna's chest. His dark red hair was stark against the exposed part of her white neck. His arms were also around her, trapping her to him. Anna would never push Mikoto away from her, especially if he wanted a bit of affection. For that reason, her hands simply gripped his shoulders as she waited ever so patiently for his next move. Izumo pitied her a bit. From the way she was kneeling down, she had to be uncomfortable.

And that hard-headed guy Mikoto might have really fallen asleep and not realized Anna's state of discomfort. Or maybe Anna was just as hard-headed as Mikoto was for putting up with his desire to just laze like a big lion around her.

Izumo flicked some of the ash from his cigarette before taking a long drag from it. He blew out some smoke and wandered over to his King and their princess. She let out a soft gasp at his sudden movement but in no way let him go. It's alright if you're locked up but I'm not too keen on poor Anna ending up in prison thanks to your sexual harassment.

His warm breath permeated through Anna's clothing and she could feel it on her naked skin. How long ago had it been since he had touched her and kissed her?

Nearly four and a half months. It wasn't easy to pretend that she was not sexually aware of him and that nothing had happened between them. Especially when the craving for him, for his touches and his passion just grew day by day. That little taste of him that he had given to her on that night she had been poisoned had been enough for her to just want more of him. She didn't know how long she could hold out on, but if she finally broke she could only hope that he would forgive her.

Is there anywhere you want to go before get ready for home? Anna blinked up at him. Then, thinking back, she knew what she wanted to see before they left. She nodded and pressed at Mikoto's shoulders to get him her attention.

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He turned his golden eyes up in order to look at her. Gray eyes that reflected red was watching him. With an ever blank face, Anna informed him, "I want to see the lions, Mikoto," The King let out a heavy sigh and drew back from her. Mikoto scratched his stomach lazily, the way he did when he normally woke up while Anna straightened out her clothes in a rather prim fashion. They were like chalk and cheese yet they went so well together like ice-cream and sprinkles.

Mikoto started to walk and Anna hurried after him. She placed her hand on his elbow and together they headed toward the lion's cage. As for Izumo, well he was now able to claim that shady spot on the top the hill for himself. The lions in the cage were the same ones that had been brought in years ago when Anna had first been brought to the zoo by her clansmen.

When Anna had first seen them, they had been smaller. Now, they had grown up and had their own cubs. Although they had their own habitat, there were certain times of the year when the lions were brought back into the zoo in order to earn some extra income. This income was geared toward the taking care of the animals.

Those lions alone did eat their way into several pounds of meat everyday. Caring for them was quite expensive and the zookeepers needed to ensure that there was always some kind of cash inflow to properly care for them. Amongst the group was one particular lion who was larger than the rest.

Beside him was a lioness. The lion let out a soft growl when she pressed her nose against his mane. His low rumbling from her presence was not out of anger but actually because he was pleased with her display of affection. He lifted his great head and shook it slightly from side to side. Perhaps a bug had come to bother him which had led to him performing this display of mild aggravtion. His golden brown hair moved with his motions. Then he stopped and snorted before nuzzling his mate and licking her face.

Around Anna and Mikoto was a great crowd who were intrigued by all the animals. Anna's hands were pressed against the glass pane of the window through which they were looking at the animals. Mikoto's larger body was behind hers, just barely brushing against her back. He glanced down at her. Mikoto grunted and lowered his head to give the side of hers a little nuzzle. Kamamoto was currently still fat. He would start loosing weight soon and get to that size that seemed to appeal to most women.

Except for his childhood friend who felt that fatter Kamamoto meant much more of Kamamoto to love and hug. However, she never really recognized when he lost weight. She just saw less of his stomach and less of his red and her favorite part of the normally tubby man was his huge, beach ball of a stomach.

Either way, the point was that he was like a huge, huggable bear. Currently, he was lying down a bench, feeling tired. It seemed that although most people thought it was still a bit chilly, he was already feeling the heat of the oncoming Summer. As such, he did not want to eat. Yata was worried that his girlfriend might start fawning over skinny Kamamoto like most other females. Although she really wouldn't, Kamamoto's good looks during Summertime made most men insecure about their significant others.

Thus, Bando and Yata had decided to join forces so that the moment Kamamoto began to loose appetite, they would stuff him with food and keep him fat! Which is exactly what they were doing when they began shoving pizza, hotdogs, ice creams and sodas down his throat.

Isn't that what farmers do to animals before they kill them? Indeed, Dewa and Kamamoto were like two evil shadows at poor Kamamoto's sides as they forced him to eat. They even laughed hideously. Interestingly, the monkey cage was just opposite them. The monkeys were all observing the scene the red clansmen had created and were screeching loudly as if cheering them on.

The humans around hurried away, quite disturbed by the strange atmosphere. Only two lingered, observing for a long moment.

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It was a pale haired, beautiful girl and a tall red haired man. Her gaze remained unblinking at the trio who were a couple feet away from them. Anna had asked this because her thoughts fell along the lines of Mikoto's earlier on: Because those guys in front of them sure weren't acting like people.

As the day drew to a close, the zoo began to empty itself of visitors. The zoo had brought in some new birds from the Caribbean that Anna had much appreciation for. These were known as Scarlet Ibis and they had such a beautiful brilliant red to them that Anna had gazed upon them for a very long time. The final place she checked out belonged to the flamingoes.

They were in a circular area that had a human-made shallow river running through it for them to walk through. Anna stood behind the barrier and observed them. She was taken back to that time several years ago when she had stood at this very spot with Mikoto and Tatara with her.

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Tatara was surely gone now, but Anna was learning to live without him and remember him with only happiness in her heart. That memory had been a beautiful one and she was glad to return to this place with Mikoto at her side.

The sun would set soon. The horizon was shedding brilliant orange rays that added some color into her vision. Perhaps Mikoto felt the same way for his arms went around her, drawing her into the hard length of his body. Her grip on the barrier loosened as she leaned against Mikoto with a quiet sigh. She was glad he was here with her and she was thankful that he had taken her into his arms and shared his comforting warmth with her.

She turned her head upward slightly in order to view his face for she sensed that he seemed to be thinking hard about something. Indeed he was as the grim line of his mouth and the slight narrowing of his red eyebrows indicated this.

He did not speak for a long moment. She was confused as to why he would ask such a thing of her. He rested his chin on top of her fair head. She hadn't expected that he would be wondering about such a thing. In fact, no one had ever really queried her feelings regarding them for a long time. You and Izumo and everyone were understanding about a lot of things. I do miss my mother and sometimes I wish for my father.

But Homra is important to me. It hurts a lot more to think of losing you or anyone else in Homra. You're all my family and you've made me happy.

He was glad about this although he did not admit it. However, her words had made his expression soften before he turned his attention to the flamingoes again. His response was a soft kiss at her temple.

mikoto and anna relationship poems

Now that it was a bit colder with the sun starting to set, Kamamoto was indulging in a bucket of fried chicken. Flanked at his sides were the two 'angels' who had kindly bought him a lot of food today. Izumo approached them from the back. Chitose and Maria had left a while ago with their son because it was time that they took him home to rest.

Yata kicked him in the back. He's macho and manly! Coming to the zoo today had really been for the sake of getting Anna and Mikoto out together for a while.

The bartender felt that they should spend some time out together. Maybe it might hasten Mikoto's decision to finally get that girl to be his bride instead of stalling all the damned time.

It seemed that the bartender was not the only one thinking this. All things in good time," Izumo replied to his question. Sorry for the bit of a late update. Had some health related issues, and doc said to get plenty of rest. Anyway, hope you enjoyed this chapter. It is not the one I had originally intended to post but I decided to tie up a few loose ends.

It is also for anyone who wanted to see Anna and Mikoto go out on a 'date'. This was the closest thing to a date I could fit in.

mikoto and anna relationship poems

I hope you enjoyed it: I have no idea as to how long it would take to complete, but I do hope you would continue reading and keep up with me to the end. Thanks for reading this chapter and please let me know your thoughts on it. Also thank you all of you who follow, favorite and review this story. You all really motivate and encourage me to keep on writing. I love you all: For those who reviewed: Anyway, I'm glad you now know and hope you enjoy it: I have some plans for Anna's birthday.

You'll understand in a couple of chapters ; I'm glad you enjoyed the sparkling and Edward Cullen parts as well as the flashbacks: I actually hadn't planned on doing any holiday themed chapters. Mikoto was abruptly woken and he attacked in self-defense, burning part of the building. As Eric fled, Mikoto warned Totsuka to be aware of the non-member's murderous intent.

Mikoto explained himself that he was in a daze and quietly apologized for his actions. After the call was over, he got up to leave, telling Kusanagi that numbers won't matter when he's out to face the gang Hikawa. He approached their gang quietly and left them unharmed.

Mikoto returned to the bar afterwards to confront Eric. Mikoto studied Eric briefly before lighting his right hand with his Aura, then pressing it against Eric's face. When asked why he did such a thing, Mikoto merely stated that he felt weak from looking at Eric. He then reminded Totsuka that he was in charge of taking care of newcomers. One afternoon, Mikoto walked sleepily down the stairs of the bar so he could get a drink.

He sat by the counter and noticed a horse drinking from a container beside him. He asked Kusanagi why the horse was there though he did not receive an answer. Anna suddenly ran up to Mikoto and asked him to name the horse. He decided to name it " Basashi " much to the little girl's horror.

Mikoto ignored her and told his Clansmen that the horse was not an ordinary being, right before it unveiled its Strain powers; seeing its shoulder immediately hungered Mikoto. Several months later, Mikoto and Kusanagi had a brief chat about Totsuka. Mikoto merely commented on how strange the younger individual was, saying nothing else in regards to the topic. During the conversation, Anna giggled and ended up blowing a bubble in her drink.

Mikoto asked if she was laughing, though she shook her head at him. Soon afterwards, Totsuka decided to play a song for the whole Clan following Anna's inquiry of it. As Totsuka sang and played music on his guitar, Mikoto expressed visible delight at his music. After finding this out, Anna quietly entered his room as Mikoto reluctantly relaid the news.

Soon after he engulfed himself in flames out of anger, but they were quickly extinguished as Anna ran towards him and embraced Mikoto as hard as she could.

Sometime later that week, his Clanmen looked through Totsuka's old recorded tapes on one day, though Mikoto did not join them. Instead, he went out to have a smoke alone.

Plot Mikoto leads his Clan across the city. The group splits up after a certain amount of time, leaving Mikoto with Anna. Once the others have completed the operation, Mikoto and Anna head to the hotel suite; there, Kusanagi comments on how early the former is. Upon learning that their main target does not know the person they're after, Mikoto and the others leave. Mikoto's damaged Sword of Damocles. They head towards the lobby, stopped only on the second floor, having been confronted by Scepter 4.

Mikoto says to "burn them" before dropping down to the lobby, soon accompanied by the others. He initiates a confrontation against the opposing group while the Sword of Damocles hovers above them. Rather, Mikoto is asked to turn himself in peacefully, which he obliges. Sometime later, while sleeping soundly, Mikoto receives another visit from Munakata.

Munakata awakens him by slamming his head into the wall. Mikoto awakens and then receives a lecture about him abusing his power. Munakata tells him that he will be forced to kill him should he continue. Mikoto asks lazily what Munakata is saying, then is told that he should simply renounce his place as the Red King. Mikoto simply states in response that Munakata isn't a fun person. When Munakata speaks to himself of how he can lock up the Red King forever, Mikoto speaks up, offering his own suggestion.

He says that Munakata can monitor and restrict him at all times of the day and that would be enough. When his idea appears to be without option for his rival, Mikoto states his apologies that Munakata feels such a way, before going back to sleep. Mikoto dreams of himself in a post-catastrophic city, alone in the midst of rubble, with his Aura burning his right hand.

The dream sequence switches to two different scenes. One particular moment was when Totsuka was being shot, though with Mikoto being the one who receives the bullet instead, and Anna telling Mikoto not to go. After catching a brief glimpse of Anna, Mikoto abruptly wakes up. He then starts to recall the memories of him and Totsuka from before his death. Sometime later, a red telephone is brought to Mikoto's cell. As it is ringing, suddenly, the machine picks itself up and the caller on the other end begins to speak.

Mikoto listens as the caller identifies himself as the actual one behind Totsuka's death. However, Mikoto does not respond nor does he open his eyes to see what is happening. A fox-like creature emerges from inside the phone and begins taunting Mikoto and his Clansmen. The particular targets being Totsuka, Kusanagi, Yata and Anna. As Mikoto finally begins to open his eyes, the fox enters Mikoto's body and tries stealing his Aurathough Mikoto retorts by using his power to scare it off.

The fox escapes back to Ashinaka High Schoolwhich Mikoto realizes is also where Totsuka's murderer is located at.