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The performance characteristics to be improved simultaneously. Finally, the new seal is to be inexpensive to manufacture. That the dynamic sealing element of the support body is attached to the radial annular part is fastened, and both sides includes, at the point of attachment to the annular member, and the static sealing element is at a radial distance from the dynamic sealing element on the axial cylindrical part of the support body arranged The thickness of the dynamic sealing element on the mounting location may both sides be the same or different.

Here, only part of the radial annular portion, namely, the inner edge of the ring member, by the dynamic seal is used as a connection point. The static sealing element, however, is limited to a compound which detects the axial cylindrical portion of the support body substantially.

Title page of the Ad-hoc statement on PGD

Between the static and the dynamic sealing element is a radial distance is maintained, which permits that the manufacturing process both sealing elements can be made of very different materials, wherein the vulcanization of the elastomeric material is carried out on the support body for both sealing members simultaneously.

The supporting body is made of a hard and tough material, preferably made of metal. For the radial distance of the static sealing element from the dynamic sealing element is chosen as much space as is necessary for manufacturing reasons.

It is at least 0. The spacer plates are opposed annular distance projections in the molding tool. At the same time, this approach has the advantage that the support body is held during a vulcanization in a defined position. The vulcanization is carried out under use of adhesion promoters. The coupling agent used in each case specifies the two different materials to the support body.

As a dynamic seal elements configurations and materials are preferably used which make it possible that the collar shape of the sealing member occurs on the shaft until during the pushing on of the seal. Vor dem Aufschieben auf die Welle ist das dynamische Dichtelement eine Ringscheibe mit vorzugsweise konstanter Dicke. Before pushing on the shaft, the dynamic sealing element is an annular disc with preferably constant thickness.

The rim of the dynamic sealing element is in this case provided with a barrier, so that the medium to be sealed at standstill of the shaft can not flow to the outside.

The dynamic seal element may be provided with concentric or helical recesses moreover facing away from the shaft surface which allow easier bulging of the sleeve during assembly. These recesses are preferably adapted to the recesses on the opposite inner side. The recesses on both sides can be single or multiple. The outer side of the static sealing element is preferably of corrugated, thereby to enable good adhesion to the inner wall of the housing opening.

The design of the shafts, the pressing force is controlled in the housing opening and the extrusion force of the housing opening. In a further embodiment of the invention the shaft may be provided with a multipole wheel, which cooperates with a sensor attached to the housing to transmit, for example, speed measurement and other measured data. The invention provides a quality advantage and a cost advantage is achieved. The quality advantage is that each of the two materials can be optimized for its operating requirements.

Der Kostenvorteil ist dadurch gegeben, dass der teurere Werkstoff meistens an der dynamischen Dichtstelle nur dort eingesetzt werden muss, wo man ihn unbedingt braucht. The cost advantage is provided in that the more expensive material must be used only there in the dynamic sealing location mostlywhere you absolutely need it. The material for the dynamic sealing element is optimized for the sealing of rotating machine part.

The temperature resistance particularly high demands must be made, as is added to be heated by the oil bath, the frictional heat. Dies hat einen extrem hohen Einkaufspreis zur Folge. This has an extremely high purchase price result. Such substances may not be present in the material for the static sealing element because the hard seat would be lost and the seal ring would travel in its bore. Has proven useful as a fluorine rubber FPM. The material of the static sealing element is optimized for the sealing of the stationary machine part.

Since this directory is no frictional heat, the demands on the temperature resistance are less high. It is thus a relatively low-cost material used. Der Werkstoff ist auf guten Festsitz und geringen Druckverformungsrest entwickelt. The material is developed on good tight fit and low compression set. A surface coating for dry mounting. Has proved useful, for example, an acrylate rubber ACM. Die Dichtelemente bestehen vorzugsweise aus einem Polymer zum Beispiel aus einem Elastomer oder einem vernetzbaren Thermoplast.

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The sealing elements preferably consist of a polymer, for example of an elastomer or a cross-linkable thermoplastic. Alternative materials for the sleeve of the sealing ring are also a thermoplastic or thermosetting material. Finally, it is advantageous if the material of the static sealing section and the dynamic sealing region is colored differently.

In the accompanying drawings, several embodiments of the inventive concept are shown. Beide Dichtungselemente 6 und 7 sind aus unterschiedlichen Werkstoffen hergestellt. The boot seal 30 is composed of the support body 5 and the attached sealing elements, namely the static sealing element 6 and the dynamic seal element 7. Both sealing members 6 and 7 are made of different materials. The dynamic seal element 7 is fixed to the radially directed on the shaft 3 ring member 31 of the support body. At the fastening point 32, the seal member 7 includes the ring member 31 on both sides, that is, both from the inside and from the outside.

The inner side facing the space to be sealed 1, while the outside to the environment 2 comprises. This paper has not only fostered discussion on the topic of PGD, but also triggered discussion about whether science academies should give advice of policy and comment on ethical questions. This debate is important. As a National Academy of Science, the Leopoldina has taken on a new duty. It has been commissioned with advising on political and social matters based on scientific knowledge.

This makes it more than just a society of scholars. Today, academies of science are a part of society more than ever and can assist in overcoming the challenges of the future.

Their job is not only to present facts, but also to reflect on aspects of ethics. Because what would policy counseling be without advice? An example of a similar test in the field of prenatal diagnoses, i. As a result the pregnancy may be terminated due to medical indication. The statement by the Academies formulates in summary the following main recommendations. Due to a similar conflict situation for the woman, PGD should be legally allowed under limited and defined conditions and the consequences associated with this for the embryo are to be placed by lawmakers on an equal footing with PD prenatal diagnosis, GenDG and pregnancy termination Article of the German Penal Code.

This equal footing is to be restricted by only allowing in vitro PGD for non-totipotent cells of the embryo, whereby it is recommended that conditions be considerably restricted. Testing can only be done for couples whose children, from a medically objective point of view, are at high risk of an onset of a wellknown, severe monogenic disease or a genetic chromosomal disorder, or if there is a risk of a stillbirth or a miscarriage.

There should be no age limit for the onset of the disease. PGD may not be used for nationally or socially defined objectives that do not concern the well-being of the couple affected. A ban on selecting the genetic traits of children according to the wishes of their parents, determining the sex of the child with no relevance to genetic disease, using embryos for research purposes and investigating new, in other words, non-hereditary chromosomal disorders aneuploidy screening should continue to exist.

Furthermore a competent authority should be set up to pass regulatory statutes or guidelines on how PGD is to be conducted. PGD should only be allowed to be carried out at a handful of facilities that are designated for this purpose and regularly checked by the competent authority. PGD should only be allowed if authorized by the designated competent authority following a substantiated request.

On top of a law governing PGD and a possible modification to the genetic diagnosis law, the passing of a reproduction medicine law should be considered. The statement was produced by an Academy group consisting of 13 renowned scientists of various fields: Bartram ML human geneticist, HeidelbergProf. Beier ML, who is also a member of acatech, embryology and reproduction biology, AachenProf.

In addition to Leopoldina s President Prof. Peter Graf Kielmansegg, Prof. The Medal of Merit reflects the Academy s appreciation, says Hacker who spoke of Winnacker s major contribution in his laudation. Winnacker, a member of the Leopoldina since contributed greatly to the Academy for a long time as Vice-President to New departments were created and new projects were established. These were the first important steps on the Leopoldina s way to becoming a working Academy.

Even today, Winnacker continues to be a tireless advisor, bringing his expertise to the Leopoldina s committees. Hacker goes on to explain the great contribution Winnacker has made to science on a whole: Winnacker also helped start the Exzellenzinitiative Excellence Initiative which has fundamentally altered the higher education landscape in Germany. Finally, Winnacker is just as important for the luminous power of German science abroad. He tirelessly worked towards internationality and established liaison offices.

The fact that he became the first secretary general of the European Research Council ERC in Brussels would therefore be consistent; he achieved a lot in an European sense. Freedom to do scientific and research work is what allows us to cross borders. A contradiction that must be overcome also in the context of global challenges like energy supply, climate change, the state of the oceans, the condition of the financial markets and major health problems like high infant mortality.

Science is needed everywhere we look. Problems don t stop at borders, says Winnacker. The foundation of the ERC in was an important step for Europe in overcoming national egotisms to a certain degree. It is not a competition for countries, but for institutions. Scientists go where they find the best conditions regardless of the country. In Germany only the Max Planck Institutes can compete with such degree of attractiveness. Of course it s all about money. In the end, Winnacker argued for taking on the sacred cow of EU agricultural subsidies and for using this money to finance more research and science.

The Medal of Merit is awarded for outstanding work for the good of the Academy. It bears the portrait of the honored member. This year of health research is to direct attention towards people and to open up social and interdisciplinary debate on the goals, challenges and the current fields of activity of health research.

It will also demonstrate how important effective health research is for good, quality medical care in the future. As a medical and scientific Academy, the Leopoldina would like to lend special support for this topic and has put together an extensive programme with many events. This includes several symposia whose subjects can already be deduced: Which changes will research face in the coming years and which areas of research will shape our society in the future?

One of the Leopoldina s symposia will broach the issue of the current state of discussions regarding the impact that epigenetic alterations have on human diseases.

RAPP: The Relationship Abuse Prevention Program

Two other symposia will deal with innovative therapies in palliative medicine, in other words treatment of non-curable diseases, and with treatment for diseases with the help of regenerative medicine. Here, the body s own cells, organs or tissue are replaced by cultivated tissue or healed by triggering the body s own regeneration and repair processes.

From 23 to 25 September attention will be given to questions surrounding, for example, origin, diversity, models, impact of life and, not least, threat to, preservation and the limits of life. While Nobel Prize winner Prof. The Leopoldina is not only catering to an audience of experts. Many events address a broad range of audience. This includes the Leopoldina lectures each talk given by one lecturer and the Leopoldina talks at which various experts discuss with one another.

Lectures and talks cover topics to which the Leopoldina has made statements or recommendations for politics and makes them accessible for the general public. The first talk entitled Bestimmen die Gene unser Schicksal? Do our genes determine our fate?

Questions that will be discussed include, for example: What can actually be determined by a genetic test?

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How do I deal with the knowledge I obtain from it? What possibilities of treatment do I have? Stops are planned in 35 cities. For the first time two exhibits by the Leopoldina will be aboard. Those who visit the ship in one of the 35 cities it will stop in, can study the Leopoldina s exhibit which throws light on viruses and bacteria, i. Just like what is offered aboard the MS Wissenschaft, a part of the programme of the Leopoldina Night on 1 July in Halle is also directed at young visitors.

Health will also be on the menu as part of the 10th Night of Sciences in Halle. Questions to Leopoldina-Experts At the beginning of the year the Leopoldina published a list of 76 health experts from its series who are available to answer questions posed by the media and other interested people. In this context it must also be mentioned that in mid-january, the Leopoldina, along with other academies, published statements regarding pre-implantation genetic diagnosis. Here a topic currently being hotly debated is taken up by science and research, thereby contributing to developping a political opinion.

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Information on the Year of Science can be found at: Information on the exhibition on the MS Wissenschaft and its timetable can be found at: Peter Propping ML, Prof. Denise Horn, Andrea Hahne, moderated by: Leopoldina exhibition Pathogens and the immune system Friday, 1 July, from 6. Walter Doerfler ML, Prof. Bernhard Fleckenstein ML, Prof. Johannes Schubert ML, Prof. Michael Frotscher ML, Prof.

Peter Scriba ML, Prof. EASAC wants to make the excellent and independent scientific expertise of the EU s National Academies available to institutions in Brussels in order to enable political decisions. The specific strength of the EASAC is that all of its reports and statements are passed by consensus.