Roxas and namine relationship quiz

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roxas and namine relationship quiz

RoxasXNamine or Namixas, RokuNami (Japanese ロハスナミネ Roxas Namine) is the term used to refer to the romantic relationship between the two nobodies. Guys and girls want Sora and Kairi or Riku and Kairi and Roxas and Xion no relationships in Kingdom Hearts, Disney came up with The Trio. IAmYou Weekend Challenge I took quite a few quizzes, and I got these three The people in question who were like Roxas and Xion to me were Zero and Cynthia I could never form a relationship like that ever again.

Nomura told the writers that he wanted Roxas to learn something from each of his missions or just to have something to think about.

Final Fantasy VII to be more tragic. Nomura commented that, despite their similarities, Roxas and Ventus are not the same character. Nomura says this will be explained by the fact that the character Xehanort whose Heartless and Nobody, Ansem and Xemnas, exist at the same time as the original one.

roxas and namine relationship quiz

Roxas has been featured in various types of merchandise produced by Square Enix. An action figure was released as part of the Play Arts action figures series; [39] Other items include a plush, keychains and replicas of his necklace. During FebruaryRoxas was twenty-eighth in a Famitsu poll featuring the most popular video game characters from Japan.

roxas and namine relationship quiz

After finding out the origins of her existence, she also becomes deeply confused and lost. She is observant and perceptive.

We Can be Together and Namine

She has a strong sense of justice and generosity, seen in the way she willingly gave up herself to join with Sora. Their Relationship starts of as an 'unsure' since at the very begining Roxas didn't trust the new Member 14th.

When the two had their first mission together is when Roxas notices Xion isn't a somebody to fear and the next day, Xion comes to talk him with her hood up showing her 'true' face. Their Relationship can be either a brother and sister relationship or a lover relationship.

roxas and namine relationship quiz

The two, at a time kind of pushes Axel away with out noticing it, this could because the two are drawn together but later they notice what their doing and Axel is joined in as a friendship bond.

Xion dies in Roxas arms, she smiles and notes she was glad to see his face one last time, this could ether be mutural feelings or friendship feelings.

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I copied everyone around me, even if they were questionable actions or they knew they could control me for their own amusement. I did not even speak until I was 7.

roxas and namine relationship quiz

It was only through my friends that I found my will, much like Roxas did with Xion and Axel on the clocktower. Seeing them hurt, and sometimes even hurting them myself due to my lack of will… made me feel as if I should not copy the actions of everyone anymore.

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I did not like the hurting in my chest. The people in question who were like Roxas and Xion to me were Zero and Cynthia… Zero sparked my vast imagination, and Cynthia gave me a sense of independence. I could never form a relationship like that ever again.

roxas and namine relationship quiz

It still hurts me to think of them and miss them… just as missing and thinking of his best friends still hurts Roxas. Even if a part of us has given up The wish still exists to this day. If I was her, I would not do anything different in the Kingdom Hearts plot.

I like wearing black, she likes wearing white.