Simon cowell and sinitta relationship goals

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simon cowell and sinitta relationship goals

photo of Simon Cowell (who looks like Antonio Banderas) and then girlfriend Sinitta, Mixed Couples, Beautiful Couple, Black Couples Goals, Dope Couples. Simon's BFF reckons that the X Factor boss will be laughing over Sinitta on ex Simon Cowell: ''If he is gay, someone forgot to tell his penis!''. Sinitta has said that she thinks this year's X Factor panel lacks experience. The former pop LONDON, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER Simon Cowell and Sinitta arrive for the Collars and. Sinitta is The 'It Galz' join us on Girls With Goals this week! Brendan Murray denies he's in a relationship with X Factor's Dalton Harris.

This is better than we dared to hope for! Sinitta leads the way up a small flight of stairs and flings open the door to a treasure trove of sequined glamour.

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And there, tucked away, among the sheer things and the sparkly things, looking a little worse for wear… it is! Or at least a replica version of it. Hence this current, slightly more hardwearing creation. But you do look fab for Sinitta finds her passport and shows us the date. How old will I be on my next birthday?

Simon Cowell went in and altered my Wikipedia page. Sinitta with Simon on X Factor in Image: The s in London were amazing, I had the hottest dancers and choreographers working with me.

simon cowell and sinitta relationship goals

I felt like I had the keys to the city. And then it all started to take off and I was doing shows with David Essex and films with Ben Kingsley. I was a wild child. But I feel that now is the best time, as I have my two little monsters, and my relationship.

simon cowell and sinitta relationship goals

You started so young. Would you be happy for your daughter to follow in your footsteps? But it was the right thing for me. I was literally dragged from pillar to post as a child with my mother, a singer, on tour.

Sinitta would love to return to the X Factor: 'I need to find a way to top the leaf dress'

My daughter has a very normal life. Sinitta in Image: Getty Has fame been good to you? I can tell my grandchildren that Torvill and Dean taught me to ice skate and the Olympic team taught me to ski-jump.

simon cowell and sinitta relationship goals

Would you want the fame that Simon has? No crazy people climbing through my window in the middle of the night. Would we ever find you slobbing about in tracksuit bottoms? I went public about adopting my children because I wanted people in my situation — having miscarriages or rounds and rounds of IVF — to know there is an alternative.

Snogging a certain Mr Cowell Do you mind your love life being in the news? I look back and think, yes, he was hot. He started to unzip his trousers and exposed his manhood.

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But, as I found later on, people always wanted more. Rex Years earlier, her career on the rise after her hit So Macho, she had been targeted at a party in London which X Factor boss Cowell was attending. He was a big star I had watched since I was tiny. He pushed me into a corner and touched me up.

simon cowell and sinitta relationship goals

He tried to put his tongue down my throat. I stumbled down the stairs and told Simon.

simon cowell and sinitta relationship goals

Simon went off at him. She is still too traumatised to describe the assaults. The last ordeal was two years ago. A wealthy man grabbed her and tried to stick his tongue down her throat. He told her he fully supported her whatever she wanted to do, and whether or not she wanted to go public.

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Yet she is reluctant to go to the police for fear of playing out her ordeal in court, and repercussions. Sinitta, who adopted two children in when married to Andy Willner, said: If it takes longer to get to it, so be it. In a brave interview, Sinitta said she confided in close friend Simon Cowell, who later confronted two of them Image: PA Having only discussed her ordeal with Cowell and her mum, bringing it up again has led Sinitta to start counselling.