Sora and kairi relationship test

sora and kairi relationship test

Everyone's happy for Sora and Kairi with their new relationship; of their relationship and their friendships with everyone will be tested, and. For Kingdom Hearts II on the PlayStation 2, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Why is the relationship between Sora & Kairi so. If Sora and Riku were in a romantic relationship with one another, or not Sora and Riku end up together will only be told in a test of time, and.

Sora looked as if he were actually a fairy princess, only he was a muscular one. The dress was a little snug on him but otherwise fit his physique form perfectly, and the hem was high enough so his pink high heels could be visible. He held a wand in his right hand and wore a tiara on his head; his face was covered in makeup: He looked quite beautiful. Note that I am a dude and not gay by the way, but this whole paragraph sounds gay coming from me.

Riku and Kairi immediately burst into laughter, clutched their sides and rolled onto the floor. This is too funny! What's going on up there? A few seconds later Sora's mom Aerith was at the top of the stairs looking in the hallway, only to see Riku and Kairi on the floor laughing while Sora, on the other hand, was in a pink dress.

Sora couldn't help but flash his trademark goofy smile; if they were happy, he was happy, despite him doing crazy stuff like this. Seeing them roll around on the floor laughing happily made him remember all the good times they spent together on the island, all the fun they've had…in that instant, he really treasured all those times.

There were times where Sora felt like there wasn't going to be a next time, like the time the storm rolled in and hit Destiny Islands, causing him to separate from Riku and Kairi.

sora and kairi relationship test

Darkside, for those who don't knowbeing swept away from home and waking up in a world he came to know as Traverse Town, he thought he would never see home, Riku or Kairi again. And what about that time he sacrificed his heart for Kairi? Sora was sure he was destined to fall into darkness forever… and that one time Axel kidnapped Kairi; Sora was devastated to hear that news from Hayner, Pence and Olette themselves. Now he had to look for Kairi again along with Riku too, who was still missing.

However, Sora knew that there was a positive side to all of this. He was able to protect others by wielding the Keyblade, a weapon that defends against the dark beings known as the Heartless and can also open any lock.

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He then embarked on journeys with his faithful companions: Together Sora, Donald and Goofy traveled far and wide, saving many worlds from the darkness and befriending many people that are dear to their hearts. Sora even battled both the Heartless and Nobody of Xehanort, each attempting to utilize Kingdom Hearts to their own intent.


He eventually defeats both and saved the fate of the worlds not once but twice. Sora was thankful that everything turned out okay; watching Riku and Kairi laughing hysterically on the floor put him at ease, like the worlds weren't at danger at all, like nothing had ever happened.

They weren't laughing anymore; they looked at him with serious expressions on their faces.

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Is doing something like this bothering you? Or is it something else? Are you sure you're alright? I just…have a lot on my mind," Sora replied, careful to avoid revealing his thoughts. I'm gonna change now," Sora said hastily with a wink before closing the door.

My treat," said Riku. From that moment the three of them left for the ice cream parlor down the street.

Crazy Things You Didn’t Know About Kairi From Kingdom Hearts

Also, when Sora later becomes a Heartless to save her, Kairi is able to specifically recognize him and save him. Once Kairi returns on Destiny Island, she returns to the Secret Cave where she sees an earlier drawing of Sora sharing a paopu fruit with her.

Kairi gets emotional and adds another paopu fruit to the drawing. The meaning behind it? Well according to the in-game legend, two peoples will always stay connected to each other if they share the same paopu fruit. Therefore, we could see this poignant scene as a teenage affair in which Kairi promptly answers "yes" to Sora's dating request.

His only hinted relationship was with Squall's love interest, Rinoa. However, Seifer's attempts are in vain. Nice try Seifer, but you definitely took a major L this time. Whenever we look at Kairi's interaction, we can notice a strong collaboration with the water component. When we look at it, we can reflect on the fact that water almost seemed vital to bring life to Kairi's character When we look at Kairi's name in Japanese, It actually means "nautical mile". However, her individual kanjis means "sea" and "village".


After linking her name with these events, It's only fair to say that Square-Enix and Disney did a great job at keeping Kairi's concept theme. They both ranked 3rd in the Famitsu character poll of the series and both have very interesting stories in their own way.

They also both share a twisted relationship in which Axel kidnapped Kairi as part of a scheme to bring his best friend Roxas back. Shortly after his death, Axel reverts back to his human form, Lea and becomes a valued ally for the main cast.

The twisted part is that Lea is also Kairi's sparring Keyblade partner.

sora and kairi relationship test

Although Kairi seemed uncomfortable training with her former captor-turned-ally, a canon story reading, performed at the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra suggested that Kairi quickly overcame her fear of Lea and became friends with him. We sure do hope to see these two Keyblade users in action.

Initially, the Birth By Sleep main characters' name follows the same concept in which the trio are being named after elements.

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As discussed in a previous entry, Aqua is ultimately responsible for Kairi's journey. The series is usually rated E for Everyone in the ESRB ratings and even Kingdom Hearts producer claims he had to edit some features in order not to depict too much negativity in the game.

However, this state of mind is less prevalent in the manga series. In an attempt to lure Sora, Saix summons two Berserker Nobodies and orders them to attack Kairi's cell in order for her to yell for help to lure Sora. Though Kairi is visibly injured she even bleeds a bitshe remains stoic throughout the short scene. Further proof of her social skill is demonstrated in Kingdom Hearts II manga. When Kairi lands on Twilight Town. She is greeted by Hayner and his crew. While she casually engages with them, Organisation XIII member Vexen secretly stalks her and praises her ability to easily be friends with people she just met and even compares himself to her, saying he would have taken "5 years to get their trust.

God Bless The Ring.