Stedman graham and oprah relationship

Odd things about Oprah and Stedman's relationship

stedman graham and oprah relationship

The one very un-unique thing about their enduring relationship is that, as a Oprah Winfrey, Stedman Graham, Golden Globe Awards. Oprah Winfrey and Stedman Graham have been together since , which is far longer than most celebrity marriages, yet the pair has never walked down the. Stedman Graham Jr. (born March 6, ) is an American educator, author, businessman, speaker and podcaster primarily known as the longtime partner of media mogul Oprah Winfrey. Graham and Winfrey were engaged to be married in November , but.

You know you cannot do it [lose weight] for anybody but yourself. He's a very good-looking guy. And I knew that when people would see us together that the first thing they were thinking—I certainly thought for myself—what they were thinking was, 'What's he doing with that fat girl? So there was a part of me that wanted to look the best I could for myself, but also to identify—with form again—for the image of what we looked like as a couple.

For Stedman this was all about me maximizing my potential, physically. I think that he wanted what was best for me.

Oprah Winfrey Explains Why She Keeps Her Relationship with Stedman Graham So Private

Obviously he grew up being an athlete and fit, and loves the outdoors and sports and all of that. And he wanted for me to have the opportunity to be in the body, and feel the body in the way that was fulfilling for me, what he believed to be my body's greatest potential.

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Concerns that a lot of people can relate to. Graham, at 6'6", does cut a strapping figure. And other than having more gray hair now, he doesn't look all that different than he did 20 years ago. He's a great traveler. He doesn't get tired or irritable. And he is intensely loyal.

stedman graham and oprah relationship

Oprah Winfrey or Stedman Graham? Some things needn't change. InWinfrey told E! News that Graham also gave her the space she needed, which she felt was an essential part of any strong relationship.

He knows how to hold his own. And, you know, want to know, what is it? What is the relationship really like? What are y'all like together? And when you see us, it's really quite normal.

How do we get in on that? Her stepmother aired a lot of their dirty laundry Getty Images InOprah's former stepmother, Barbara Winfrey, began spilling secrets to the Daily Mail. This began after Oprah's father divorced Barbara and allegedly encouraged his famous daughter to evict his ex-wife from their mansion.

Unbeknownst to Barbara, Oprah's name was on the mortgage. For the record, Oprah's spokesperson told the The Daily Beast that Barbara was "offered several different living arrangements. He is financially dependent on her.

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He knows her secrets and she knows his," Barbara told the Daily Mail. He's there at her beck and call. He knows his role in her life. And that was just the tip of the iceberg. She allegedly had him followed Getty Images While Oprah and Stedman have been open about living separate, independent lives, her estranged stepmother Barbara added some suspicious layers by claiming she'd "never once witnessed them hold hands or kiss," according to the Daily Mail.

She also claimed Stedman traveled a lot, but would often fly to wherever Oprah was at the drop of a hat. In the People cover story announcing their engagement, King features prominently in the event. King was not only present for the proposal, but she also coaxed Oprah to appear on her Hartford, Conn. King's presence shouldn't be that odd. She's best friends with Oprah, and it's really not that out of the ordinary for close friends to witness a proposal.

But that hasn't stop tabloid speculation, or Oprah's own stepmother, from insinuating otherwise.

stedman graham and oprah relationship

Gayle was more present that Stedman. According to the New York PostKelley claims Oprah has had a series of "lesbian affairs" and only "attached" herself to Stedman to "appear more normal to her audience of housewives. People think I'd be so ashamed of being gay that I wouldn't admit it?

Stedman's niece tried to shop a tell-all book Getty Images Not long after Oprah put out the fires started by her stepmother's interview with the Daily Mail, Stedman's niece decided to get into the act by shopping around a tell-all book about the famous couple in According to the National Enquirerthe book would include "Oprah's alleged drug use, jealousy, cheating, vicious gay rumors and explosive comments made by her dad.

While one could assume Oprah and the niece probably came to a very lucrative agreement, there's one other factor to consider: Oprah and Stedman might not be all that interesting. That assessment jibes with anecdotes from Oprah's stepmother in the Daily Mailwhere she describes Stedman as "an old shoe.