Ves and roche relationship questions

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ves and roche relationship questions

If you chose Roche's path you can access them anytime. If you chose Ves in chapter 2 (roche's path),on the quest "Ave Henselt!" after you. Please look at our Frequently Asked Questions page before posting. We get a lot of the same questions. Also take a look at The Witcher forums. a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Roche and Ves question. The interrogation scene did not have any questions about Ves, and yes.

I own nothing except my imagination and doubtful skills Father figure By your-biohazardous-friend Vernon never knew his father — it was a well known fact known to every nosy neighbor at Visima's trading quarter, who had nothing better to do than pointing fingers at people and huskily pass forward another fit of gossip from one to another.

Vernon's mother tried her best to spare her son the drama and humiliation. Yet he wasn't all clueless as his mother hoped he would be. The small, curious child knew exactly how to ask a question to receive the answer he desired. For most of Vernon's childhood his mother hoped that one day, he would use his inquisitiveness to become someone great.

A researcher for example, who, by constant questioning the reality would improve well being of others or even, maybe, find a way for all races to co-exist. Sadly the fate wanted otherwise — When Vernon grew up, he became famous all right, but as a ruthless interrogator, spy and murderer - 'a non-human hunter'.

Someone, who no one would like to meet on the other side of the table in interrogation room. Yet there was one query which his surrounding had never gave an answer to - no matter how many times Vernon was re-phrasing it. It was his father's name. The last piece of a puzzle that remained hidden. All the other pieces of information Roche managed to husk from his mother and his surrounding over the years were that the man was of average high and build, had sparkly, brown eyes and messy hair.

He had a great sense of humor too. Furthermore he was a trader. The story of their relationship was simple: She took the bait. Gave him more he ever could wished for: One day, as every day, he kissed her goodbye, playfully threw 'see you soon' and never came back. She had always claimed that he would return one day. To her last breath, Vernon's mother believed that one day the trader would come back.

ves and roche relationship questions

Roche never wanted to admit it, even to Ves, but he had met his father once. For the first and the last time. It was at the time when Roche was Blue Stripes captain for not even a year. There was this one trader, they met during routine procedures in Flotsam. The man was in his late sixties but he still was groping girls shamelessly, while acting as if he was still a young adult in a body. Ves was also one of those women on which bottom the old man's hand landed giving her a light pat.

The sharpshooter, as resourceful as she was, immediately caught him by his whist, twisted his arm behind his back and kneeled him in the groin. The man fell to the ground moaning in pain. The trader was violently showed to the chair.

During his long vagabond life the captain saw a lot to come to conclusion that the man looked suspicious — as if the sexual harassments were not the only crimes he had on his account. The older man automatically darted a look toward her and flinched as she rested her hand on her well kept crossbow. Ves immediately left the room, as if complying to an unspoken rule.

It sounded like a barking of a dog. Her name was…- uhmm, it slipped from my memory. She was living at trading quarter in Vizima. Do you know her by any chance?

Can I call you Vernon? I have a gal in every port. Apart of 'Scoia'tael whoresons' which was nothing more than almost inaudible hiss, Vernon lips remained sealed in thin, looped downward line. After the silent refusal, the topic was never brought back again.

Of course they were having sex. Tons of sex, actually. Brigida loved all that sneaking, hiding and having secret meetings behind Foltest's and her family back. Papebrock admired how well Vernon could lie right in his king's face about his absence when his assistance was urgent. She, on the other hand, as slightly worst at the task, hid their affair under a cloak of bossy, spoiled attitude. Roche attracted her with his passion, determination and well… great, scarred body shaped on the battlefield.

From time to time, as they were lying naked, sweaty and tired, Roche was asking her for weird favors — go there, do that, ask this.

Father figure, a witcher fanfic | FanFiction

He always told her 'it's for Temeria'. Brigida did all of this only for him. How could a woman possibly say 'no' to a man who was more efficient than Fisstech? It was a gradual change, hard to notice if not paid enough attention to.

ves and roche relationship questions

It started with simple "busy" here and there, thrown at her whenever she tried to stop him as the captain passed her in a hallway. Back then she thought that maybe it was this Iorveth persona of whom she had been hearing about for some time.

Roche & Ves: secret longing or surrogate family? (Mild spoilers I guess)

Time was passing and the dame noticed more: From time to time they were nothing more than Roche's fiery commentates on how and how many elves he had killed, Iorveth, Iorveth and Iorveth all over again. Gods, Brigida have never been a non-human hater, but she hated this particular Scoia'tael leader with passion. Moreover those small favors asked casually from time to time were becoming more complicated, demanding and time consuming.

Yet there she was. The current state of their 'affair' was looming large in Brigida's mind as it was already nonexistent. Yet the dame, as desperate as she was, decided to keep all the eggs in the basket. At the next time she spotted Roche alone just standing in the middle of the hall, taking a small break, she quickly grabbed him by his elbow, dragging him to nearest empty room.

As the heavy doors closed behind her, she attacked his lips with hers, guiding his calloused palm under multiply layers of her dress. He slowly gave up, as if remembering something he forgot long time ago.

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She sighed relieved when he scratched her neck with his stubble. Then, when Brigida finally managed to undo first layer of his uniform she decided to let go of all thoughts bottling inside her head. Roche was taken aback by her love confession, with which Brigida had been tormenting herself with for weeks.

Vernon tensed, showed her off himself and started to circle around the room, like a caged animal, glancing at his lover from time to time, scratching his chin as if thinking something through. Then he left, without any 'bye', 'farewell' or 'kiss my arse', nothing. Brigida was left half-naked with widened, confused eyes. He didn't pay any attention to her since then, either pretending she didn't exist, finding a great excuse to not be near her or having his second-in-command around to back him up.

The dame was confused by his behavior. Roche wasn't the man who run from any trouble like that.