Ziggler and lana relationship problems

Lana's character development makes zero fucking sense and it sucks. : SquaredCircle

ziggler and lana relationship problems

This is speculation, but I believe part of the problem is Dolph/Lana was .. got some good one liners out of Heenan thanks to that relationship. The only PROBLEM with that is, the ending of the match didn't do anything Why not have Lana and Dolph Ziggler cut the promo about the match at They can talk about their relationship and making out in Disneyland, etc. Catherine Joy Perry (born March 24, ) is an American professional wrestler, actress, . Rae went on to "seduce" Ziggler in order to end his relationship with Lana, but the storyline ended .. "WWE Raw results, July 6, Lesnar tears J&J to pieces, Randy Orton makes his return and Cesaro challenges Cena again ".

ziggler and lana relationship problems

The Instagram photos of Ziggler and Lana kissing in Disneyland was mentioned so much during this show! However, I feel that the person that gets the most sympathy from me… is Rusev. This lad was a cold-hearted destructive Russian power house. However, what this storyline has reduced Rusev to is a heart-broken, sensitive ex-boyfriend.

How do you not feel sympathetic for him in this situation? However, Lana was over his relationship with Rusev… in an hour.

Lana (wrestler)

An hour after Rusev broke up with her, she kissed Dolph Ziggler! How does Rusev get credibility back as this dominating monster? Considering that WWE has now exposed Rusev as a man with exploitable weaknesses and emotional feelings, it has taken away the fear of the mighty Rusev that made him such a force to be reckoned with in ! This is why I hate how monsters are used in WWE.

As soon as you reveal an emotional aspect of these big, bad monsters, it complete ruins the fear factor that they hold.

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I really wished this wrapped up at Summerslam. In the segments following that match, they made things even worse. Who benefits from seeing this storyline? Why do we need to see this storyline? One could point to any of these as prime examples of hollow narrative worthy of a spirited rant, but what really has me offended is what the WWE creative team has conceived for Lana. It is a shame, because the whole affair started off quite well.

The heated confrontation between the Bulgarian Brute and the Ravishing Russian was emotional, and for the first time you got a true sense of the deeper relationship the two share d. There were shades of betrayal that indicated a partnership extending beyond the rigid paradigms of raging monster and calculating manager they portrayed to the world.

For the first time, we saw shades of love.

ziggler and lana relationship problems

But what happened next? Lana walks up to Dolph Ziggler, and without a single word uttered between them, she kisses him twice on the lips in what to have been the most awkward moment on WWE television I have witnessed in a long time.

I object to the segment on multiple levels and for various reasons. First and foremost being the clunky and awkward execution of the whole happening. It read as though somebody said to Lana: I challenge everyone with the WWE Network to watch old broadcasts and Pay-Per-Views and find any instances that would hint at a spark between the two.

Why did she suddenly find him so attractive?

ziggler and lana relationship problems

This then creates problems if the couple are split up by WWE or one of them leaves the company. Over the past few decades, wrestling has thrown together some of the strangest and most unlikely couples that many of the WWE Universe didn't understand. Many fans were certain that these were just relationships of convenience and they would never last, but there are still a number of couples that have managed to change the opinion of their fans while there are others that have proved them all right.

Shockingly, there are a number of mismatched couples that have managed to last over the past few years and defy all expectations, but there are also a number of relationships that didn't work out. These breakups were something that both the fans and their work colleagues had already predicted.

ziggler and lana relationship problems

The following list looks at eight WWE couples that no one expected to last, but they did and seven that predictably failed when the relationship really began to get tough.

Sasha Banks And Sarath Ton via articlebio. She kept the marriage hidden from the WWE Universe until the beginning of this year because she was scared of the backlash she would receive.

Update On Lana And Rusev WWE Break-Up

It seems that WWE likes to make it seem as though Sasha is single since she has never been able to mention the fact that she is married on WWE TV over the past 14 months. There are also a number of stars within WWE that have stated that Sasha flirts with many other male wrestlers backstage, and there are videos showing her flirting with Seth Rollins.

It seems that many fans didn't think this marriage would work out and are actually shocked that it has lasted more than a year.