Zim and gir relationship questions

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zim and gir relationship questions

Zim and Professor Membrane have only interacted twice on-screen, very briefly in the episode "Tak: The Hideous New Girl". This was when Zim showed up at. Animated The Strangest Jokes from Invader Zim, a Cartoon Ahead of Its Time. Jacoby Bancroft. k votes So many questions, so little time. How did GIR cook. Explore Nikki Danger's board "Gir" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Draw, Gir from invader zim and Invader zim.

From what Tak has revealed about her own personality, she can be described as vindictive and bitter, and capable of holding quite the grudge for a very long time. This is best illustrated by her relentlessness in tracking Zim down to punish him for ruining her chances of becoming an Invader 50 years ago.

She even went so far as to follow him to Earth and set up her own base of operations in order to steal his mission, and get the honor she thinks she deserves from the Almighty Tallest.

Zim and GIR's Relationship

Zim trying to win Tak's affection at lunch. Zim, although definitely seeing Tak as a nuisance, doesn't seem to take her seriously. Even after she plants explosives in his base and becomes a major threat to his "mission", he fails to see the damage she can really do. When he learns of her plan through MiMi's memory disc, he merely states that "her little joke has gone far enough". However, he finds that getting rid of her is harder than it seems, and he ends up needing GIRDib and Gaz to defeat her.

During their final battle outside Earth's atmosphere, Tak attempts to explain that his mission on Earth was a lie, told by the Tallest to get rid of him. In the end, as he makes a report to the Tallest, Zim brushes off Tak's explanation as a "lie".

Contents [ show ] First Encounter Early on in " Tak: The Hideous New Girl ", Zim doesn't recognize Tak as another Irken, but thinks that she is a normal human girl who has fallen in love with him a conclusion he draws when he misinterprets her gift of Valentine's meat and a poem as tokens of affection, rather than her making an attempt to blend in and insult him, and cause him great pain to boot. Interestingly, Zim chooses to take this opportunity to learn more about the nature of human affection, and attempts repeatedly to win her "affection" - with each attempt leading to suffering on his part.

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It is debatable whether or not Zim himself has developed a crush on Tak, or whether it's his big ego that leads him to fancy the idea she loves him.

However, the latter idea is the more likely.

zim and gir relationship questions

Sometimes he bends Zim to his own will, which allows GIR to get away with some of his antics. However, their bonds of loyalty to each other are not always strong.

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Although this plan does not go smoothly, Zim does tell GIR that he is "horrible". GIR, however, is not upset by this insult. Zim and Gir sharing a laugh together.

Some of the ways that Zim interacts with GIR may be partially explained by the concept of Irken defectives. GIR's non-standard behaviour may be familiar to Zim, leading to his general lenience.

zim and gir relationship questions

Their relationship can be seen in almost every episode, however a few have critical points in their development. GIR, who just ate his cupcake, begins to cry. Zim misinterprets GIR's tears as a guilty apology and allows the subject to pass.