Zuko and iroh relationship

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zuko and iroh relationship

General Iroh (艾洛, Aì Luò) is a fictional character in Nickelodeon's animated television series . Iroh and Zuko's relationship was praised for its authenticity and humor. Iroh is described as a "mystical buddha" who served as Zuko's moral . Not that kind of relationship, Sam. O_o; Relationships can come in all forms Mom and daughter, mom and son, dad and daughter, dad and. The young, brash Zuko and the calm, sage Iroh. Yet these characters are two peas in a pod and their relationship is one of the best in the entire.

Even though they were all each other had left, Zuko left Iroh for a short time. He went so far as to encourage Zuko to find a nice "lady friend" and prompted Zuko to go on his date with Jin. When Zuko tried to capture AppaIroh stopped him and insisted that he had to stop letting others control his destiny, namely his father. This encouraged Zuko to instead free Appa and abandon his identity as the Blue Spirit, whom he was dressed as during the capture.

Through his sickness, Iroh was by Zuko's side day and night to comfort him and care for him, knowing that his spirit would be cleansed as a result of his better decisions.

Zuko started taking on a more positive attitude after he regained his health and the two were happy to work in their new tea shop in the Upper Ring.

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Azula captured Zuko and asked him to help her conquer the citywhich would earn Zuko his father's respect and possibly restore his honor. Iroh vehemently insisted that Zuko must do what his heart told him and not to give into another's demands. Iroh was later captured and was clearly ashamed of Zuko's actions. Zuko regretted his actions almost immediately. Iroh quickly forgave his nephew, stating that he was never angry with him, but was sad that Zuko had lost his way.

zuko and iroh relationship

In "Darkness Falls", having known them in life, Iroh encounters Aang's children TenzinKya, and Bumi when they enter the Spirit World and provides them with hints as to the location of the spirit of Tenzin's daughter Jinora. Korra explains to Iroh that she is confused and doesn't know how to deal with the threat Zaheer poses to both the newly reformed Air Nation and the world.

zuko and iroh relationship

Iroh suggests that Korra seek Zuko's counsel, as Aang once did. Zuko's grandson is named Iroh and is a general of the United Forces, the armed services of the United Republic of Nations. Something of a hedonist in his old age, he shows more interest in relaxation and amusement than in the pursuit of the Avatar.

Despite his age, Iroh is seen flirting with various women throughout the series, and has been addressed as "handsome" on multiple occasions. Unlike most Firebenders shown, he holds great respect for the neighboring peoples and willingly opposes any common threat.

In "Tales of Ba Sing Se", it is suggested that his perpetual optimism and generosity are a form of post-traumatic growth resulting from the death of his son Lu Ten. This can be seen in his song "Leaves from the Vine", which he sings on the anniversary of Lu Ten's birthday.

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Iroh is particularly fond of food, good tea, [17] the strategy game Pai Sho, [18] and pleasant music. Most likely because of his love of tea, he is an amateur botanistthough his misinterpretation of some plant characteristics leads him to accidentally poison himself. Firebending and special skills[ edit ] Iroh is a retired general with a lifetime of combat experience and a reputation of honor, loyalty and integrity.

zuko and iroh relationship

Reception[ edit ] Iroh was a well-received character in the series. Iroh is described as a "mystical buddha" who served as Zuko's moral compass.

zuko and iroh relationship

He praised Iwamatsu's performance in voicing the character, while characterizing Ozai stealing Iroh's birthright as the next Fire Lord as "almost Shakespearean". Shah praised the "superb development" of the character.

This version of the character is not as comedic as his cartoon counterpart, but retains his role as mentor to Zuko. Unlike other Firebenders in the movie, who require a source of fire to bend, Iroh can generate fire merely by using his chi.