Hatsukare ending a relationship

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hatsukare ending a relationship

Hatsu Kare รักแรกปิ๊ง ハツカレ初彼我的 Anime Start/End Chapter. N/A . Chihiro's and Hashimoto's relationship is innocent, which is refreshing. They're both. One day, a boy that she sees at the train station every day asks her out and thus she begins her first relationship. This manga portrays the up. Hatsukare Renai Debut Sengen was supposed to be a filler game to route and then drop it, but at this rate I'll end up doing at least three, maybe four. . Yui so long that their relationship is super-close right from the start.

Reiji and Yuuji are also hyper-competitive between themselves fabulous brotherly rship you got there so they fight over almost everything.

hatsukare ending a relationship

Bro you just missed the whole point of the activity but ok. Yuuji and Yui end up dating. Later, Yuuji gives Yui the keys to his bike as promise that she can ride with him whenever she wishes. I kind of prefer the Good End because awh, family stuff is always super cute.

Shun lives and breathes games and anime, and will also never stop making references to existing titles, which is part why I enjoyed his route lots there was a Jojo reference omg.

Otome Game Review: Hatsukare☆Renai Debut Sengen

He speaks in gamespeak and does shit like answer test papers like this: List the properties of ether A: Shun wants to conquer the male-female pair category, but has no girl gamer friends to drag in. Since young, he was practically raised on games and anime because he had too much free time alone at home.

For fibre, he…drinks veggie juice. Which is a pretty sad lifestyle, and I can see why Yui was super worried for him… So Yui decides to cook for Shun! She makes bentos for him and even character bentos oh my god. They get closer and start liking each other, but then the tournament rolls around and Yui OHKOs their opponent in the finals with her button-mashing again. The festival happens, Happy End. Saki confesses to Yui in front of Shun, which gets Shun all!!!

They decide not to go to the festival because Shun got tickets to a once-in-a-lifetime concert an orchestra playing anime OST tracks!! Yui offers to help him out after noticing something off after Kakeru misses a chance during a practice match, and they go for 5AM runs together even though Yui struggles to wake up so early. True friendship is when someone is willing to get up that early for you OK.

He ends up blubbering about it to her after a Talk on the park swings they used to play on as kids. They end up going out hurr hurr and do cute shit like eat donuts together like big sillies. Kakeru gifts Yui a pair of earrings at the festival, which he had a super hard time choosing for her they went shopping together in an earlier event hehe.

hatsukare ending a relationship

They end up going out! Kakeru actually baked cookies for Kentarou because he wanted to get along with him awwwhh. He ends up helping her heave the flowerpots around anyway, because Yui was struggling at first pffff Later down the months, Saki drags Yui out to de-stress with him at the batting centre. The man at the counter reveals a photograph of Mochizuki when he was younger — in middle school he was a damn good baseball player, but quit abruptly.

She meets Mochizuki while hunting for wood from the forest to turn into furniture pieces I think? But the school changed principals, and the new principal wanted to take the school in a totally new direction…which led to all the sports clubs being annulled. After that he was scouted to be a model, and not having anything to do, he agreed.

Construction around that area was slower than others, so her sunflowers were given enough time to bloom.

hatsukare ending a relationship

He confesses to Yui and they start going out. The pastel, bubblegum color scheme, which the character designs echoed, complemented the upbeat BGM to create a fun-filled atmosphere. The BGM did tend to get repetitive over a period of time, but not to the point of annoyance.

Hatsukare has an all-star cast and the cast certainly is one of the noteworthy aspects of the game. All the voice actors carry their characters well and the amount of energy they bring to their roles adds a lot of enjoyment to the game.

As I alluded to above, some characters had surprising depth in their individual stories and thus a good number of emotional displays. Each respective seiyuu hit these moments out of the ballpark. The system is not too difficult. Your main concern will be making sure to view all the events necessary to keep on course to your desired ending, though for the better or worse, the amount of love events available at any given time winds down after April and people start getting weeded out to friendship routes.

My advice would be to keep your eye on heart events for the guy you want to pursue, and whenever those are unavailable, prioritize a friendship event, group event, or a sub-character event, in that order. You can capture a friendship ending at the same time as a love ending in one playthrough, so fully completing the game is not as cumbersome as it first seems.

One clumsy aspect of the system, however, is that once you pick an area of the school to explore, you cannot return to the main area menu. If you happen to pick a wrong area by mistake, you either have to reload an earlier save or skip to the next time period and try again. You can also offset this by using the "rewind to last Sunday" option, which you can access from your room and the main menu. There are ways to remedy minor mess ups in event selection, but the measures that are in place are rather roundabout.

Continuing on the critical note, some players may also feel that Hatsukare is too short. Those four months go by quickly, especially since April and July are half-months. There is a handful of story events sprinkled in along with the events that you personally activate, but after the first playthrough, players will most likely skip them and therefore the cumulative playtime is limited even further.

On the other hand, one could argue that this set length keeps each route short and sweet, without any filler or drawn-out drama. The question of payoff in quality is certainly up to subjective judgment.

Review: Hatsukare☆Renai Debut Sengen | Otome Jikan

One aspect that I personally want to praise about the game is how the friend system provides you with truly platonic relationships. A lot of otome games prefer to explore the tension that the best, non-boyfriend may feel towards the heroine, but in Hatsukare, the guys never overstep the bounds of friendship once they are locked into the friendship route. The content of these friendship routes is not as personally in-depth as the love route, but it nevertheless feels quite refreshing to just enjoy some time with them in a no strings attached sort of a setting.

Moreover, the characters are wonderfully fleshed out and the luxurious voice cast will definitely add to your enjoyment of the game. Each route spans about three months in-game during which you experience a gradual deepening of your bond with the guy you are pursuing.

While I thoroughly enjoyed Hatsukare and would recommend it in a heartbeat, it doesn't seriously challenge the genre, character types, or story conventions.

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I would still consider it an above average game and very much worth your time, especially if a certain character or voice actor has caught your eye.