How did stacy and drew peterson meet

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how did stacy and drew peterson meet

Oct 30, From early on in his wife Stacy's disappearance, Drew Peterson passed he interrupted proceedings with the outburst: “ I did not kill Kathleen!. Nov 18, Stacy Cales was just 16 years old when she met Drew Peterson, When Stacy finally did introduce her new boyfriend to her family and circle. Feb 2, Stephen Peterson, the year-old son from Drew Peterson's first marriage, has said publicly for Stephen Finally Meets with Sue Stacy Peterson's sister Cassandra Cales did not appear on the show but told the Tribune.

So far, the search has turned up nothing.

how did stacy and drew peterson meet

Stacy Cales was just 16 years old when she met Drew Peterson, according to her sister, Cassandra Cales. She had recently graduated high school a year early and was working the night shift as a receptionist at a local hotel. But Stacy, still underage, didn't immediately tell her family about the new man in her life. Drew Peterson was married at the time to Kathleen Savio, his third wife. Savio would later be found dead in her bathtub, in what the coroner at the time ruled an accidental drowning.

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When Stacy finally did introduce her new boyfriend to her family and circle of friends, Cassandra Cales said, she was 17 and Peterson was 47 or Cales said the year age gap made her and other relatives "uncomfortable," but that she wanted to support her sister. Living with her older, married sister at the time, Tina, who died from colon cancer inStacy saw life with Peterson as a "way out," Cales told ABC News.

You name it, she had it. Pictures show a smiling Drew Peterson, holding his young son, and Stacy wearing a flowing white gown. But the romance soon ended. Drew Peterson became controlling, say Stacy's closest relatives and friends, growing suspicious of Stacy's relationships outside of her marriage and accusing her of being unfaithful. Bruce Zidarich said he tried to avoid being alone with Stacy so as not to antagonize Drew.

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He would keep tabs on her every move. You have to be able to get out and have fun. Neighbors reported seeing Peterson and another man hauling a gallon barrel, large enough to hold a person, out of the house shortly after the disappearance. Cassandra Cales, Stacy's sister, said she wanted Peterson to take a lie detector test about his knowledge of a blue container that she saw in his garage two days before Stacy disappeared.

Joel Brodsky, Peterson's attorney, denied that any container was missing from Peterson's home.

how did stacy and drew peterson meet

There were also reports of truckers referring to the containers, but their stories were treated as not credible after it was discovered that they had not been in the Bolingbrook area at the times they claimed. Brodsky suggested that Dahl host an on-air "dating game" with Peterson the following day, but WJMK managers and Dahl decided not to go through with it.

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Her father, Ernie Raines, had issued an ultimatum to his daughter out of concern about the way Peterson tried to control her and what he feared Peterson could do. On July 21,it was revealed that hearsay statements indicating Peterson killed two of his wives were not reliable enough for a jury to hear at his trial.

how did stacy and drew peterson meet

After presiding over a lengthy hearing, Judge White issued a four-page sealed ruling in May obtained by the Daily Herald.

White ruled that prosecutors proved Peterson killed both Savio and Stacy "by a preponderance of the evidence," but nearly all statements attributed to Stacy "do not provide sufficient safeguards of reliability.

how did stacy and drew peterson meet

Stacy's statements were crucial to the prosecution's case, as it lacked significant direct evidence. Peterson's defense had contended that introduction of these alleged hearsay comments constituted a violation of his Sixth Amendment right to confront any witnesses testifying against him.

Passed while investigators were looking for Stacy, the legislation permits courts to consider statements from "unavailable witnesses," provided that prosecutors are able to prove that the witness was killed to prevent his or her testimony and that the hearsay statements are reliable. Analysis by the trial court under this new law led to eight out of fourteen hearsay statements being ruled inadmissible because they were insufficiently reliable.

On appeal, however, the Court of Appeals reversed the trial court, ruling that the common law doctrine of forfeiture by wrongdoing, which is less restrictive than "Drew's Law", would allow the statements to be admitted.

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After a number of appeals, on September 21,the Illinois Supreme Court upheld the conviction. Philepisode "A Killer Among Us", original air date: Untouchable, depicting the events surrounding the death of Savio and the disappearance of Stacy. Peterson filed a cease-and-desist letter demanding that production on the movie be halted.