Wwe wrestlemania 2016 meet and greet

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wwe wrestlemania 2016 meet and greet

VIP Packages, promotions and special offers for WWE LIVE ROAD TO Premium Ringside Seat; Meet & Greet and Autograph Opportunity with. WWE has released the full WrestleMania Axxess signing schedule for this p.m. TX: WWNLive's “More than Mania” meet & greet at Eddie Deen's p.m. TX: Kevin Nash hosts the “Shenanigans” party at Iron. The main event was for the WWE Universal Championship. It featured title This time I am setting my sights on Wrestlemania Until then, it's.

Chris Jericho was before Sting and was signing from pm. The handler from WWE that was helping Jericho clearly knew it too. So it was at that point that anyone left in line got rushed, and I do mean rushed, through the line. It was very disappointing. I was able to get a fair amount of time with Sting, but it was still a hassle.

For anyone attending Axxess in the future, I would strongly advise against it. Even getting to see something as cool as the Elimination Chamber takes an hour to get in line to get a photo-op with a superstar.

All five matches were going to be phenomenal in my eyes and I could not wait to feel the energy in the crowd. I was not disappointed.

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I wish I had taken a picture of the line to get in the building after I got done meeting Sting. Slightly smokey, vintage looking and feeling and the crowd was right on top of the action. I was in the dead last row of the building and as you can see above, I still had a great sightline to the in-ring work.

Aries and Corbin was really the only disappointment on the show, but the other four matches were simply tremendous.

wwe wrestlemania 2016 meet and greet

It was an experience I will never forget. Angle at a Smackdown Taping in December Inductees run far too long and the crowd hijacks the show when they do go too long. So when Sting was announced, I had to go.

Minus Stan Hansen going far too long, sorry if that offends anyone, I thought this was actually a perfect Hall of Fame. The crowd was respectful all night and there were no ridiculous chants or hijinx from them.

All the inductees were fun, engaging, and entertaining. They had the perfect ceremony. It was beyond well deserved. Seeing my hero Sting get inducted and officially retire was the perfect ending.

JR managed to have three complete sellouts over the weekend with fans at each show. JR told a lot of great stories with a lot of humor. I really enjoyed his solo portion. Our special guest was Rob Van Dam which got a huge pop from the crowd.

wwe wrestlemania 2016 meet and greet

However, I felt the show derailed at this point. RVD did have some impassioned answers, especially when talking about his relationship with Vince McMahon. There was a really cool moment near the end though when Hurricane Helms and Jeff Hardy showed up to the surprise everyone, even Jim Ross himself. Jeff even answered a couple questions and said it was a certainty that he and Matt would come back to WWE one day.

I thought considering how the injuries greatly affected the card, WWE hit a home run with what they had available. The roars and gasps and ovations that come from a crowd that big is really something to behold. Those that are mad about some of the results on the show really should just take a step back. That is a prime opportunity for anyone.

wwe wrestlemania 2016 meet and greet

Is it going to be an issue for WWE in years when these legends will no longer be around to call upon? For this one night though, it was incredible to see everyone come out and do what they did. I cannot explain how loud the pop Stone Cold got was either. The crowd was a mix of young and old fans—proof that the WWE fandom transcends generations. After we got inside the arena, we went straight to our seats and waited a few more minutes before the program started. After a ten-minute wait, I saw the ring announcer, Jojo Offerman.

At this point I already knew that the program was about to start. The opening match featured Cesaro vs Sheamus. Within ten minutes, Cesaro defeated Sheamus with the Sharpshooter that forced the latter to tap out. The second match was between Goldust and Braun Strowman. The people thought that it would be over in a blink of an eye. However, the crowd was in for a surprise when Goldust was able to bring the 7 foot giant Strowman to his feet.

wwe wrestlemania 2016 meet and greet

Braun, however, was too strong to be down for a three count. No one knows when he will be defeated or if someone can even manage to bring him down. The next match showcased Neville vs Curtis Axel. I was so excited for this match because it featured Neville, my favorite high-flyer.

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When Neville was about to perform his finisher, I stood up because I was sure he would already win. I hurriedly lined up by the entrance aisle to have a chance to let him sign my magazine as he walked by. The fourth match was between 3 teams: The New Day vs.

wwe wrestlemania 2016 meet and greet

The Shining Stars vs. The last match before the intermission was John Cena vs. It was a long match which was highlighted by the unexpected.

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Big Show was atop the second rope preparing for a dismount when we heard a snap followed by a loud thud. Taking advantage of the mishap, Cena did the 5 Knuckle Shuffle followed by an Attitude Adjustment, his signature finishing move, to snatch the win. After a 15 minute intermission, the next match ensued. This time it was Charlotte vs. After a roll-up, Charlotte won the match via pin fall.

The win was controversial since she pinned Banks with her foot touching the ropes. The referee failed to see this, thus Charlotte winning the match and retaining her title. One of the most awaited matches was between Roman Reigns and Chris Jericho. This was my favorite match of the night because not only did Reigns and Jericho put up an exciting joust, Jericho gave the fans a taste of his promo before the match, aimed at getting the ire of the crowd.

Upon getting hold of the mic, he rolled out Y2J-style insults saying that the Philippines stinks and that Manila is the anus. Both fighters did not disappoint the crowd, delighting everyone with their signature moves.