Meet us halfway bandcamp music

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meet us halfway bandcamp music

Includes unlimited streaming of Book Of Grief via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more. However IRON HEEL hailing from the country’s capital Vienna have all the darkened potential to change this, bringing misery and sweet leaf-ish epicness upon. ​Compilation ​albums available ​at Bandcamp " bringing "Thollem is a bruising virtuoso who has deconstructed free music, classical, ​blues I'll Meet You Halfway Out In The Middle Of It All with Rick Rivera (Edgetone Records, ). See more ideas about Album covers, Independent Music and Music. Pinning this before even reaching the halfway mark in listening for the first time; It's been in . Hyperview — Title Fight Pop Punk, Album Covers, Music Is Life, My Music.

Kai Honasan, who joined Autotelic in as a vocalist, also performs as a solo artist and released a pop EP that year. Tin works as an account manager for a design agency, while Macadaeg has a day job as a marketer for international schools in Metro Manila. The band are now writing songs for their second album, which is slated for release in mid For some musicians, diving into the indie scene is a path to artistic renewal.

Jensen Gomez had years of experience performing as a solo artist in the early s, while under contract with Universal Records.

Tops (No 1,310)

But aroundGomez wanted a more adventurous creative experience. So he ended his partnership with Universal and approached the backup session musicians who had been playing live with him, explaining that he wanted to form a solid band whose music would stand out from the mainstream. Jensen and The Flips was born. Gomez wanted the band to be in total control of their style and future. Image wise, they decided they wanted the group to be easily recognisable by always performing in button-down shirts and ties.

  • The Same Ground
  • Variations On Swing
  • Stones, Keys, Flat Ninths, & Salvage

Musically, they wanted to deliver a unique blend of indie pop and Motown soul. It was a successful formula. Jensen and The Flips released their debut album, Honeymoon, in It was distributed by MCA Records and the band inched their way into the mainstream. Jensen and The Flips — who have earned a reputation for energetic stage performances — once performed 23 gigs in a single month, Gomez recalls.

Gomez says that social media and streaming services have been a big help for Jensen and The Flips in building a fan base. The band routinely update their Spotify, iTunes, SoundCloud and other channels to pull in new listeners. Social media also helps them connect to important people in the industry, Gomez says. When they are not making music, band members have other activities to juggle. Lead vocalist Gomez produces for other artists.

The Filipino indie bands who've found an audience through social media and the internet

Miggy Concepcion, who plays keyboard, organises a union for composers, called Phalanx Score. The popularity of digital streaming media gave indie artists in the Philippines the chance to stand their ground against the might of the mainstream pop industry. But despite the many ways to build a following online, the musicians have to remain inventive to make ends meet.

Facebook has been denounced for manipulating users and for profiting from users essentially working for free.

meet us halfway bandcamp music

Vivek Murthy, past U. Smartphone ubiquity has come at a high cognitive cost, with the current generation of adolescents reporting deteriorating mental health. I spoke to a number of artists about what they think of Facebook, whether they use it, and how they use it.

Of the artists I spoke to, only a couple aren't on Facebook at all.

meet us halfway bandcamp music

All of them had a variety of issues with the platform and, of course, a number of different ways to respond to them. German composer Antye Greie-Ripatti, or AGF, speaks passionately about the internet - unsurprising for an artist who engages with technology as she does.

Most of her criticisms of Facebook stem from the lack of user agency and individual privacy, but she also laments the homogenising force of the platform: For example, I have a poem newsletter and people can subscribe to my poems. A few times a year, I them out to everybody, and that is my own way of communicating - to make something social, but not in a huge, marketing way.

No Gmail, no Youtube.

I'm doing just fine | Meet Us Halfway

I'm not a commercial artist - I do my stuff, and I'm super lucky and happy that I can. I find myself caring about the response to a post, when I don't want to.

But Vladislav Delay and AGF both started making music in the 90s - they were established before Facebook even existed. Rrose started releasing music much later, inbut it was through the well-established and highly influential Sandwell District label, and before its monthly users had shot up to more than two billion.

For more recently emerging artists, things are different. Hunni'd Jaws tells me that having a Facebook page felt necessary once she started to take her music seriously, and that it has put pressure on her in a number of surprising ways.

For example, to keep her 'message rating' high, she needs to respond to all the messages she receives, even though sometimes they're weird requests or inappropriate messages from strangers.

meet us halfway bandcamp music

She finds FB and Instagram useful for sharing flyers, mixes and compilations but she also describes the pressure of being on so many platforms simultaneously as "overwhelming" and annoying: I don't want to be posting lots of selfies, but those get the most likes. I'd rather not get attention through that. I wish that my 'followers' would hear the music I'm producing, but of course it doesn't work like that. Facebook has allowed her to meet likeminded artists and DJs in other parts of the world and forge new connections.

meet us halfway bandcamp music