I dont deserve you relationship

5 Signs You Love Someone Who Doesn't Deserve You

i dont deserve you relationship

It can be hard to see clearly when you're in the midst of a relationship, and If someone doesn't respect your dreams, then they don't respect you either. 4. I always get the "You're too good for me" or "I don't deserve you" lines, and it's nothing to do with my relationships being predictable. I don't deserve you, I know that. I don't know what I'd do without you. 15 Rules That Will Deepen Your Relationship Quotes Quotes, Trust Quotes, Love.

They lie to you because you are not important to them. Only they are important to themselves. Everyone else is to be used and discarded in order to further their pleasure.

They give their time, resources, love and space to their partners. With a giver, everyone is taken care of and happy. With a taker, only one half of the relationship is giving everything while the other partner mooches off them. Like a black hole, they suck in resources and give nothing back in return. It is a one-way street with them.

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It is either their way or the highway. You need someone who can accept that you are your own person with your own desires, emotions and needs. You need someone who gives back to the relationship more than they take away from it. They Belittle You They are so wrapped up in their own life and desires that you are unimportant in their internal world.

Why You Settle For Boys Who Don’t Deserve You

Most of the time, that is kept inside their own heads. When they are emotionally unstable or upset, that lack of respect leaks through in belittling comments.

i dont deserve you relationship

It is one thing to tease your partner a bit and be teased in return, but when they are mean-spirited comments solely intended to hurt you, it is time to go. A black hole, however, will tear you apart and break you down because that is in their nature. They Cannot Be Counted On They cannot be counted on to support you or to be where they are supposed to be, when they are supposed to be. These black holes live in their own world and cannot see past their own massive ego.

i dont deserve you relationship

They are adorned with praise to get their attention. You present your best self to be looked upon and marvelled at. Relationships clothe sex which literally produces children who literally worship their parents whom to them can do no wrong, until they can which becomes this deep betrayal in which we find our first God is a lie.

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My Thoughts Concluding In conclusion life is sex. Sex is interaction, communication not to mention the biggest driving force for humanity.

  • The people you chose to associate with are a mirror of how you see yourself.
  • 1. They Lie To You and Cheat On You
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Society is built upon sex. Sex is two things becoming one or understanding each other, synthesis.

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Male and female is the same as thesis and antithesis, good and bad, love and fear, etc. Relationships are sex because a relationship is just a way of saying these things understand each other in this way.

Relationships are sex because as we understand it two or more become one, i. Families have a family name to show there unity unit or one.

i dont deserve you relationship

Corporations have a name. Corp from corpus which is Latin for body a corporation is a group or a unified body, one. Governing body government, etc. So sex is two or more elements becoming one, a relationship is a reference to those elements in their unified state and relationships are worship as you will only be with someone who sees you in a certain light hence you choosing that person is self worship and you choosing them is worship.

i dont deserve you relationship