Tales of symphonia sheena relationship

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tales of symphonia sheena relationship

For Tales of Symphonia on the GameCube, a GameFAQs message Any relationship Lloyd has, though, suffers due to being a player avatar. For Tales of Symphonia on the GameCube, a GameFAQs Answers question The Affection FAQ says that one of Sheena's relationship skits is southwest of. Since Tales of Symphonia is a prequel to Tales of Phantasia, this They wouldn' t name Sheena Fujibayashi without intending a connection.

She succeeded, and they have been partners since. It also reveals that, after the prologue, the King of Tethe'alla has taken Zelos's advice and called upon Sheena. He asks her to become the ambassador of peace between Tethe'alla and Sylvarant, as she has traveled both worlds and know much about them both.

He warns her of the responsibility and that he understands if she rejects, but she agrees, and thinks back to how she used to be, and Corrine. Rodeo Ride Tour As revealed in Rodeo Ride Tour, a third party-developed side story that follows the events of Tales of Symphonia which assumes that Lloyd's highest affection was with Colette, Sheena and some fellow people from Mizuho are in a mission to stop a man's mana-fueled bomb from destroying the anniversary festival of Sylvarant and Tethe'alla's union.

Ready to sacrifice herself to stop the bomb from killing the Meltokio's citizens, Sheena takes the bomb away and summons Efreet to destroy it, ending their mission.

While Sheena is in her house in Mizuho, Zelos comes for a visit and tries to persuade her into following him on his new journey. Seeing him and Orochi fight about responsibility, Sheena rejects Zelos's offer, making him leave. Later, however, when they have an audience with the king, the King of Tethe'alla tells her that the reason Zelos let go of his duties is because the mad bomber and his companions are after his life as the Chosen of Tethe'alla, which would result risking Meltokio's people's lives should he stay.

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Realizing this, she regrets rejecting him and, encouraged by Orochi, goes to follow him. Throughout the journey, Sheena and Zelos get closer as they run from the enemies, and Sheena reflects on herself, her relationship with Lloyd, and how she was saddened that she could not be by Lloyd's side instead of Colette. However, she admits that they are better matched together. She also compares her and Zelos's relationship as a rodeo ride tour. Dawn of the New World. Sheena returns in the sequel to Tales of Symphonia, which occurs two years after the main story.

After it appears that Richter Abend has killed Marta, they hear Sheena's voice, and she and a healthy Marta appears in a cloud of smoke, revealing the dead Marta to just be a fake by using Sheena's Igaguri style. She follows the group for a while, before she accidentally falls into a hole. When the group finds her again, she is taking care of Alice with Decusas she fell on her.

After she finds out that they are from the Vanguardhowever, she uses Celsius to seal them off, and upon hearing of Lloyd's recent behavior and his interest upon Centurions' coresshe decides to follow the group to look for him.

She continues with the party until they reach Altamirawhen she stays and goes back to help Regal. She meets the trio again when they journey back to save Regal and was beaten by Richter after Brute Lualdi was defeated. After her recovery, she and all of Lloyd's friends get answers for his strange behavior and joins them to the Martel Temple to see Verius again. After Emil sealed away his Ratatosk personality and the party went their separate ways to relax before the final battle, Sheena returned home to Mizuho where she and Emil were talking about recent events.

She tells Emil that the village will be moved and when there is peace, the village would be gone. Sheena then asks Emil that, since he is Ratatoskto make a pact with her so that she can see him whenever she wants and if that would not work then she will have to ask the people at the Elemental Research Laboratory to find another way. On the day of the final confrontation with Richter, she follows the party to the Otherworldly Gate. After the final battle, Sheena leaves Emil with a smile of their friendship and wishes him good luck.

As revealed in various skits toward the end, after Lloyd and Colette named the newborn world tree with Martel, Sheena and the others met them before the tree. There, they learned its new name, but were requested by Martel to keep the name a secret to protect it from harm. Appearance and Personality Sheena is a very strong-willed person. In part owing to her ninja upbringing, she tends to act somewhat hot-blooded and angry most of the time, but she does possess a gentle side, which becomes more apparent as the story progresses.

She has little confidence in her ability to make important decisions, a flaw that was considerably deepened since the disaster with Volt, and considers herself a lone wolf. However, like Lloyd, she is a strong believer in altruism. She is willing to bend the rules imposed on her, such as the Pope 's orders to kill the Chosen of Sylvarant, in order to do what is right.

tales of symphonia sheena relationship

Despite the anger some of Mizuho bears toward her, she understands that mistakes can be corrected, and absolutely refuses to give up on someone, even her greatest enemy. Sheena's tough facade has created an interesting outer personality. She tends to anger easily and is not above disciplining someone with a swift smack. However, she is also talkative, despite her troubled past and angry members of society who have cast her out of their circles.

Sheena is also very clumsy, similar to Colette. Unlike Colette, who tends to get unnaturally lucky from being clumsy, Sheena is very unlucky, often falling into traps and tripping into holes, although this does not happen as often as Colette's clumsy moments. Fighting Style Cut-in image for Tales of Symphonia.

Armed with a variety of magic-infused seals, Sheena proves a decent melee fighter. More importantly, however, she can call upon powerful Summon Spirits to aid the party in battle; these summoning abilities are also vital to the storyline.

With the exception of Corrine, she can only summon when she is in Over Limitand at a heavy cost to her TP; once she begins the incantation, however, the chosen Summon Spirit will appear and deal massive damage on all enemies in range, as well as give support stats to party members.

Presea Combatir

Even afterwards, her emotional response remains somewhat subdued. Her speech is relatively blunt, and she is unfamiliar with the basic etiquette against such directness and can be socially distant. She tends to follow along with the group, only stopping to truly take in the situation when it is extremely important. Her lack of social graces makes her unable to recognize her own awkwardness until someone points it out.

tales of symphonia sheena relationship

Despite this, she has a liking to paws and pokes them, as proven in the skits where she poked Corrine 's, later Noisheand finally in the sequel, Tenebraewhich the latter does not possess paw pads, much to her disappointment.

Although Genis likes Presea, she never really shows if she has any true interest in Genis beyond friendship. Due to the anti-aging effects of her Exsphere, Genis sees Presea as a girl near his own age, and does not completely comprehend the fact that she is actually sixteen years older than him. In Dawn of the New World, however, she seems to have spent enough time with Genis to understand what he says when he is stuttering.

Presea's only emotional constant is her loneliness.

tales of symphonia sheena relationship

She constantly counts herself out and assumes she has no one left to be with. This makes her extremely quiet and very reserved, and thus she usually only speaks when addressed. She dwells on the fact that she has lost sixteen years of her life and is loath to speak of her father or sister around others.

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Despite Presea's appearance, she is a highly effective close-ranged warrior. While able to deal and receive the most damage of all usable characters in Tales of Symphonia, she is also the slowest, causing her to be more vulnerable when it comes to taking hits; however, she makes up for this flaw with her aforementioned high defense.

She is also the only usable character besides Lloyd who does not possess any magic-based artes. When summoned she will perform either Kogetsusen or Shougetsusousen. Tales of the World: Narikiri Dungeon 3 Presea, along with the rest of the Symphonia cast, appears as playable character in the game.

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Radiant Mythology 2 Cut-in image for Tales of the World: Presea appears with most of the Symphonia cast as playable characters. Presea first arrives on the Van Eltiaand she goes along with the Protagonist and Zelos Wilder during the seventh story mission at the World Tree 's roots.

There, they find Janis Kern and his assistant attempting to use a detonator on a large solid plant. For one, she sounds like she's breathing every word, making scenes with her especially annoying.

Aside from the points where I HAVE to use her, I have never ever willing used her in battle and I always send her off on the other team when characters split up.

So I just found out that it's official...Sheena has kids. (true fans probably already knew this)

Her idiocy is astounding. She literally trips over nothing all the time, she never figures out what's going on "Colette Her personality is atrocious. This causes numerous problems and drama along the way that could have easily been avoided or at the very least been dealt with early. Lloyd is forced into the role of babysitter, always being called upon to take care of her and fix the problems and situations caused by her.

Honestly, the best time I ever had with her was when she was soulless. She's concerned when she doesn't feel bad for those turned into Expspheres, her father and sister are both dead, Rodyle manipulated her, she's willing to defend an illusion of her sister, she repeatedly has to forgive people who have wronged her and she shows she's not immediately ok with it all. The emotionless girl, someone supposedly with no personality, actually beats Colette out in personality.

Anybody is a better pairing with Lloyd than Colette.

tales of symphonia sheena relationship

Zelos, Genis, Raine, Presea, literally any other character would be a better pairing. Sheena being the best possible outcome. You're free to have your own opinions on who you like best but facts are facts. Colette was poorly written and was clearly only there to be the childhood love interest. The writers clearly tried to make her relevant but accidentally made her story out to be just another side plot, which is a shame really.