Aloha stadium swap meet parking fee

Aloha Stadium | Swap Meet

aloha stadium swap meet parking fee

Every Wednesday and Saturday from am to pm and Sunday from 6: 30am to pm the expansive parking lot surrounding Aloha Stadium becomes the. Aloha Stadium Swap Meet & Marketplace It cost $1 to get in and park. Open on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays, the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet is. Just 20 minutes away from Waikiki, discover unique treasures at Hawaii's largest open air flea market where the locals shop for the best deals in town.

However, it had reached the end of its useful life by the s, and was well below the standards for Triple-A baseball.

aloha stadium swap meet parking fee

The baseball field is aligned north-northwest home plate to centerfieldas is the football field. Located in west-central Oahu, it was far from the team's fan base, and many were unwilling to make the drive.

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Additionally, while TheBus stopped at the main gate of Honolulu Stadium, the stop for Aloha Stadium was located some distance from the gate. As a result, attendance plummeted and never really recovered—a major factor in the franchise's ultimate move to the mainland.

aloha stadium swap meet parking fee

When the Tacoma Twins complied with a parent-club directive to wear the spikes, stadium management turned off the center field lights. After 35 minutes, the umpires forfeited the game to the Twins.

The Islanders protested, claiming they had no control over the lights.

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However, the PCL sided with the Twins, citing a league rule that the home team is responsible for providing acceptable playing facilities. As originally built, Aloha Stadium had various configurations for different sport venues and other purposes.

aloha stadium swap meet parking fee

Kama'aina local residents come to the stadium looking to make deals. They consider the amounts marked on price tags as "merely suggestions'' of the actual costs. Advertised discounts are simply the starting point for bartering between sellers and potential buyers.

One bit of good local advice is to bring plenty of cash to the swap meet.

aloha stadium swap meet parking fee

Although a few of the vendors accept major credit cards, and some will take personal checks, most of them balk at offering cost reductions for payments made with anything other than hard currency. Visitors can benefits from additional tips offered by locals.

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For example, be sure to wear comfortable shoes. There is so much ground to cover, and with few places to sit and rest, comfortable footwear is essential. Also, bring bottled water, a broad-rimmed hat and sunscreen.

aloha stadium swap meet parking fee

The tropical sun can be unforgiving. And plan to arrive early.

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The most popular items often sell out quickly. Those who sell items under the rings of tents pay fees for their locations. Individuals can book a space by the day or week.