Holton arms middle school swim meet

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holton arms middle school swim meet

Georgetown Day School is a coed, preK, non-sectarian private school in Washington, DC with small class sizes and a diverse school community. Sidwell Friends School. Win Holton-Arms Swim Meet .. LOWER/MIDDLE SCHOOL. Landon School offers 23 co-curricular athletics options, and every boy in grades plays sports every day. Click here Swim Varsity Swimming and Diving. vs. St. Albans School. Home. Holton Arms School Middle School Ice Hockey. vs. Contributors to the Holton-Arms School .. 37 . six girls have missed their car pool .. MIDDLE SCHOOL DANCE CLUB, following their.

Every student needs to have a proper bathing suit, towel, and flip flops. It is recommended all students wear goggles. Bathing caps may be used at any time. Students may not chew gum or wear jewelry while swimming. Contact lense should be removed and properly secured in a water-tight container.

Students must shower before entering the pool. Students need to take a soap-and-water shower after leaving the pool water to minimize the effect chlorine can have on the skin and hair. Sensitive skin can develop a rash when the skin dries and contacts clothing. All soap containers should be plastic not glass.

Students not participating in a swimming lesson should remain seated on the side of the pool wearing flip flops, not street shoes. Students may do homework but may not use electronic devices.

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There will be no eating or drinking in the pool area. If there are any questions or concerns, please direct them to sports giswashington. For their safety and well-being, all students in the 5th- 10th grade must wear a school sports uniform to every class. Students in the 11th and 12th grade may wear a school uniform or other proper clothing. Students may borrow a uniform from the Sports Department if their uniform is being washed.

The uniform consists of blue shorts and a white GISW shirt. In addition to the uniform, the student must have proper shoes, socks, and cold weather gear. Shoes need to have laces that can be properly secured.

Students must wear a proper bathing suit.

Bryn Mawr School

Swim wear must be fitted for all swim activities, including but not limited to diving and timings. Students must have a towel, goggles and flip flops. Students may not wear jewelry to sports or swimming class.

holton arms middle school swim meet

This includes earrings, necklaces, watches and rings. If the student must wear a piece of jewelry, taping over the item will be possible.

holton arms middle school swim meet

If a student is not dressed for class points to the social part of the grade will be deducted. Students must attend class to receive a grade. This includes participating while in the class and arriving on time to the class. Students must provide the teacher with a note from a parent to be excused from class.

Please keep this in mind in order to minimize additional expense for multiple visits to the doctor to get such documentation.

holton arms middle school swim meet

Written assignments will be part of sports class. These assignments are a part of the sports grade and will help the student better understand the activity.

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If a student wishes to still turn in an assignment late, it will be presented to the class in oral form but 5 points will be deducted for the lateness. Use of equipment outside of class will be possible, but a student must sign-out the items and return them by the next school day.

holton arms middle school swim meet

Use of the beach volleyball area will be restricted to Fall and Spring seasons so as to reduce injury that may be caused from fallen debris on the sand from inclement weather during the winter months.

Activity selection for class depends on the grade level, number of teachers, equipment available and the facility availability.

Swimming will be part of the schedule and rotated throughout the year for grades and once a week for 5th and 6th grade. All classes must have swimming as part of the sports grade. Use of the sports area is not allowed unless a teacher is supervising. This includes breaks, before school and after school. The facility is shared with the Lower School minimizing the possibilities for general usage during free hours and substitution periods. Team sports are possible during Fall, Winter and Spring seasons.

Academics[ edit ] Coordination of classes with the adjacent boys' school at Gilman School and girls' school at Roland Park Country School at the Upper School level offers Bryn Mawr students a variety of electives and the opportunity for coeducational classes.

These coordinated classes are concentrated in the junior and senior years. They often continue one or both in the Upper School and have the option of following a double language track. Offerings in other foreign languages including Chinese, Arabic, Russian, and Greek begin in the ninth grade and are usually coordinated with Gilman and Roland Park. Arts and fine arts art, music, dance, dramaintro to computer science, English, foreign language, history, mathematics, physical education includes healthpublic speaking, science, 50 hours of community service, and a convocation speech.

Timothy's School began what is believed to be the longest continuous girls' high school basketball rivalry in the country, with a silver cup dedicated to the game passed between the schools.

The game was quite different from basketball today, played nine on nine on a court divided into three sections, with groups of three in each section.

The uniforms were high-collared white blouses over heavy corduroy skirts that came almost to the ground, black stockings and white athletic shoes. The game was played outdoors without a backboard, on a dirt field which would be covered with straw to absorb dampness if necessary. The headmistresses of both schools agreed to a list of rules and conditions, which included prohibiting male spectators with the exception of William Marston, the Headmaster of Marston School who officiated the game and guaranteed that none of the girls' names would be published in the newspapers, considered unseemly at the start of the 20th century.

The game was finally moved inside in as interest in field hockey as an outdoor fall sport grew. In Decemberthe two schools played a game in the old-fashioned cloths and rules to remember the first game played between the two schools. There are 17 sports in the Upper School available on the varsity and junior varsity levels, and 13 sports at the Middle School level. For the first time in years, track both indoor and outdoor managed to place very well on average in meets. This was done under the instruction of Coach Paul Vece and other assistant coaches.

Like many of the other private schools in Baltimore, Bryn Mawr has a brother and sister school.

holton arms middle school swim meet

Bryn Mawr's brother school is Gilman. These two schools are located across the street from each other. The three schools coordinate Upper School classes so that students may attend a wider variety of classes and so that they may interact with their peers at other schools.

Roland Park is an all-girls school that is considered a rival to Bryn Mawr, especially when it comes to athletics. Twice an academic year, once in the fall and once in the spring, RPCS and Bryn Mawr hold Spirit Weeks, during which the two schools play games against each other in sports such as field hockey and lacrosse.

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During the school days of these weeks, students wear costumes in addition to the uniform skirt. Each day of the week has a theme. For instance, if the theme is tropical, then students wear leis, Hawaiian shirts and such. On the final day of Spirit Week, the theme is always school spirit. Faculty and staff awards are presented for recognition of outstanding service to the community. The Bazaar, begun in by the Parent's Association, is held on the first Saturday of May and includes activities for all the members of the school community including games, rides, and markets.

The Middle and Upper School perform an all-school dance and school exercises which have been performed sincefollowed by each class in the Middle and Upper Schools performing an ethnic dance. In addition, the seniors perform a dance that they have choreographed.