How to meet your spirit guide

how to meet your spirit guide

We'll be taking a look at what exactly a spirit guide is and why you may need to contact them. We'll also cover how to meet your spirit guide in. Here are 14 tips to help you connect with your Spirit Guide! that we are open, available and altered enough from our everyday spaces to meet with our Guides. Let's go over some ways you can connect to your spirit guide quickly the meditative state where you and your spirit guide will meet for the first.

In the first I was in a waiting room and spoke to the receptionist, in the second I was at a hospital and a cleaner was sweeping up around me; in the third I was watching a lion tamer holding back some lions.

I was looking for some great figurehead but my guide was working alongside me at all times; protecting me, organising things and helping to keep an eye on my health. His or her work is often unrecognised because we are so familiar with their energy we no longer notice they are with us! In my dream my guide was the receptionist, the cleaner and the lion tamer!

I was sitting there waiting for someone or something else when my guide was literally right there, getting on with the job. Incidentally the receptionist, cleaner and lion tamer appeared in different moments as either male or female. Gender, being either male or female seemed to be irrelevant. How can I contact my spirit guide?

It took me a long time of asking before my spirit guide appeared this way; however, I suspect my guide has appeared in many dreams before and since and as before, I probably missed it.

Sit quietly playing gentle relaxing music no singing works bestor natural sounds like those from nature birds, river or sea sounds, jungle or rain. Once you are relaxed, ask your guide to step forward. You might be lucky enough to see your guide or perhaps you will just sense your spirit guide. You could try asking your spirit guide to bring you some sort of physical sign like a white feather.

Spirit Guides - How to meet your Spirit Guides

This works well with angels too! You might ask to see a shell or perhaps a particular type of creature.

how to meet your spirit guide

Your sign might appear unexpectedly on a TV advert, in a book or magazine or maybe someone will pass you the object as a gift. This type of sign can work quickly so be prepared. Some guides like to work with tools created for other purposes.

I use angel cards and angel boards when I work with my own guide. I feel the answers are stronger when they come this way. Just follow the instructions which come with your purchase and ask that your guide contact you rather than your guardian angel and they will. Your spirit guide would be happy to bring you a sensation each time they are close.

I found this a little weird at first, especially when I could see my hair moving in the mirror! When Dad is around my eldest daughter he always places a hand on her shoulder. Even when a guide visits more than one person their interaction is unique to them. My uncle is another guide from the afterlife; his calling-card is usually flickering lights! Occasionally he will ring the doorbell to announce his arrival. I love this type of thing because I find it fun but not everyone does.

You can fine-tune your relationship with your spirit guide as you go alone. How your spirit guide, guides you!

I find it always works best if you ask your guide or guides if you need a little help.

How to Connect With Your Spirit Guide: 12 Steps (with Pictures)

They are restricted by how much they can help and when they can step in but have more power to assist us if we tell them that they can; if we give them permission. Remember that their role is to help us not to do the job for us! Just chat to your guide in your mind as if you were talking to a friend.

how to meet your spirit guide

Do you have any guidance for me please spirit guide? They might use a variation of any of the signs above to help you or you might feel or sense your guide assisting you with a feeling. When you feel strongly that a particular action is a bad one or a good one, you may literally feel it in your gut. Some people call this gut instinct or intuition. You could feel a fluttering of excitement like butterflies in your stomach to show you that you are definitely in the right direction; or a tightening or sickness, when something is wrong for you.

The more you follow these signals the stronger they become. Meditation is the best tool for this. You can use a guided meditation to learn how to meet your spirit guides or simply carry out your own meditation. Simply focus on your breathing until you reach that familiar meditative state. Keep an open mind and see what happens. This brings us to our next point.

How to Contact your Spirit Guide & what is a Spirit Guide?

In reality the situation can be very different. Your experience could be as minor as seeing a certain color or could be as mind-blowing as a full-on vision.

But the important thing is setting your mind up to fail.

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It could take 5 attempts, 12, maybe even Then again, it could happen the first go. The trick is to expect nothing so you can appreciate whatever your guides present you with. During this phase, your heightened levels of spiritual energy allow for clearer contact with higher beings.

This of course includes your spirit guides. You have two options: That way, when you fall asleep and enter deep sleep, your mind will be guided to where it needs to go.

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